Sunday, February 24, 2013


Hello Jim!
So today marks the 21st day of my Facebookless existence!
I thought I might re-cap the past 3 weeks.
Since I've left Facebook, I...

  • Went to Walmart more times than I care to remember
  • Went out to dinner with a friend
  • Celebrated Valentine's Day on my own
  • Went to see a movie on my own
  • Saw a zombie movie
  • Kept the kitchen clean (mostly)
  • Checked my email and blog posts more times than I care to recall
  • Bought a sweater on a whim (something I never do)
  • Went to the mall on a whim
  • Went skating, twice
  • Baked
  • Cooked dinner
  • Ran
  • Wrote, only a tiny bit, so that hasn't changed much..
  • Applied for a summer job
  • Got a new phone and phone "plan" (if you can call Straight Talk a plan)
  • Filled up my gas tank more times in 3 weeks than I do in, probably, 2 - 3 months
  • Posted more blog posts this month than I have in November, December and January combined
  • Curled my hair--twice!
  • Started buying organic groceries--again
  • Started a painting (and have yet to finish it.) 
  • Learned a new piano song and play piano more often
And that's about all I can remember for now.
What can we take away from this?
  • Leaving Facebook is more expensive
  • I have more human interaction
  • I'm more apt to leave the house
  • When time is freed up, you can quickly fill it up
  • Sadly, I've only listened to 1 Bible study. 
  • I'm more apt to be ambitious when away from Facebook
  • It seems like I'm always busy o_O

So there you have it.
All in all, I think I like this life away from Facebook, but I do miss talking to my friends on there. I've thought about joining Twitter or Tumblr or another social site but decided to stay away from those because they're just about the same as Facebook.
But, yeah, I went line dancing last night. It was so country, everyone was wearing plaid (including myself) and I actually liked it. A lot. So help me T.T
But, <_<
They do swing dancing there, to! Phphphph! I may be incredibly tempted to go. Though I have no partner. I've got a million brothers to dance with but it's sometimes awkward to dance with your brother--for ME anyway. Bradley said to mom that dancing with his sister hurt his chances with the ladies because they didn't know I was his sister XD
That's Bradley for you.
Anyway, I want to swing dance, it sounds so fun.
One of the guys at line dancing didn't want to dance with me so I came home and was ranting to Jacob and Jeff, "there must be something wrong with me.. he didn't want to dance."
Jacob said, "that's because guys are afraid of beautiful women."
I looked at Jeff and he nodded. I raised my eyebrows and said, "they are?"
And Jeff said, "there really IS something wrong with you!" (if you don't know that.)
It was funny, and I was actually surprised Jacob called me beautiful--in a roundabout way.
Either way, after trying the dance out with Brad (who felt sorry for me and danced anyway), I realized that was an awkward dance and I'd rather try it out with a boyfriend or a best friend XD
You should have been there.


  1. I love dancing with my brothers! I must not have the awkward sibling dancing gene. I wish I could have been there, sounds like fun. P.S. Facebook is so dead without you, Jacob and now Bethany (who promised me she wouldn't leave but promptly broke that promise a week later -_- ) If I felt out of the loop before, now the loop has completely disappeared. T_T none of you yay-hoos even told me Brad broke up with his gf or was going to move out and be a paramedic!!! Kesngwgugssdfhhkkkpo!! I'm going to sit in a corner and cry "hey-ho" for a family -_- BOOFS, the whole lot of you.

    1. Aww, come back. We'll give you a texting plan. ;)

  2. There are these neat inventions called telephones. You get on one and the other person gets on another and you can hear their voices on the other end and talk to them as if they were in the same room as you! You really ought to get a better texting plan, that's how I stay in touch with my family. Ok, with Bethany. :p

    1. Actually, we text. Which means more contact, in my case, because I can't always get on the phone but can almost always sneak away for a quick text.

  3. Whenever I call, no one answers. :P I'm not even being dramatic, it's true!

  4. You don't call me! You haven't noticed how everyone huddles around the phone whenever you get on facetime? Anyway back on subject

  5. My point was: Facebook was an easy way to keep tabs on the family and staying in the loop, and now that half of you abandoned ship, there is a hole in my intel and when I try to fill it by calling any of you guys (yes, you, too!) I very seldom reach you. Hence my statement that you are all big BOOFS and I'm sulking like a blind baboon. T_T *sings* "Noooobody knooows the trouble I've seen, noooobody knooows my sooooroooowww..." :P

  6. (That should have said "an easy way OF KEEPING tabs" and not "to keep tabs". It is much too late, but I can't get to sleep!!!

  7. Well Facebook's stupid and I'm glad I left it. Just gives us more to look forward to during family visits

    1. I like Facebook still. I just didn't like all of the time it was sucking out of every day.

  8. Andrea, would you PLEASSSSE disable the stupid CAPTCHAs on your comments? It takes me at least three tries to get them right! ARGH!

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  10. Where, oh where has my sister gone? Where, oh where can she beeee? With her Facebook cut off and her phone not on, where, oh where can she be?

  11. I do have three emails you could try and I tried calling and texting you but you wouldn't answer. So maybe it's your phone that's not on.

  12. I was actually just wondering why you haven't blogged in over a week :P


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