Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Of the utmost peevish kind!

Let's talk about roundabouts. Do you know what a roundabout is?
It is one of the coolest road inventions ever. And, if used properly, they should reduce traffic congestion!
IF used properly.
People where I'm from must not understand the concept of the right-of-way with a roundabout, because people who are on the roundabout stop when they see someone coming up to the roundabout. Hellooooeeww, you have the right away, just go for it! The people coming up to the roundabout have to yield to you!
By the way, people-who-stop-and-don't-know-what-the-meaning-of-yield-is, the people already on the roundabout are not going to attack you. They are basically on the opposite side of the roundabout, you have permission to enter the roundabout! Sorry, that's like... one of my biggest pet peeves. Which, I don't get, if they peeve you, why keep them as pets??
Want to know another pet peeve? Men! Well, it doesn't really have to do with them, exactly, but their effect on women.
There's this sort of girlish nature that takes over whenever you like a guy. I've been pondering this lately, a girl's attitude around a guy.
You can be one of the most independent, tough, awesome, single ladies ever.. but if you meet a guy you like you suddenly revert back to your 15 year old self. It just blows me away. 
Or, and I'm not sure which is worse, a handsome man talks to you and you turn into this brainless shy person that doesn't know how to answer basic questions. (Ok, so that just happened to me.. don't know if everyone's like that :P) But it's so embarrassing. It's like, "Hellew, where's the awesome, confident girl that walked in?"
So, let's put all the men in front of the roundabouters and be done with it. (That's totally a joke)

Speaking of men, wait. No. Nevermind.
So, I'll tell you something I LOVE, driving a stick shift. But I already talked about that in my other blog! Who cares? I have to say one thing, I am eternally grateful that my siblings and I all got the racing genes from our parents. You can tell racing's in our blood whenever you see us on motorcycles or in a car with any sort of power. Oooh reliishh the power... I want a stick shift. My next car is going to be a stick shift.

So.. I have a question to ask you all (even atheists can join in on the fun, if you want!)
Say you believe in a God that is all-powerful and can do anything, say this God that you believe in created the world and universe and YOU.
This is my question, if a God is that powerful.. do you think He could heal your body if it was broken?
Wow, that reads like I'm being rude, but I'm not.
But, no, you believe that God can heal your body if it was broken?
He really should be able to, shouldn't He?
Healing never occurred to me, to be honest, until I was about 15 or 16 years old.
Say you created a machine, just imagine it in your mind.
You created it to do something (whatever you want), you put it together, you know the ins and outs.
Then, you have a friend that studies the machine, looks at it, takes it apart... gets to know it pretty well.
You then give that machine to someone, they use it, and it breaks. Who would that someone go to first? You, the person that created the machine?
Or the friend that studied it?
Well, the friend might know some stuff.. but who has more knowledge, here?
So, why not? Why not go to God?
I realize this is a super touchy subject and I'm not condemning anyone who goes to the doctor in anyway, I'm just trying to provoke thought.
As for my own opinion, well maybe I'll save it until after I gather yours.

I think I'll end here. I want to write in my Star Wars book.. I mean, if I want to be a serious, growed-up writer, I gotta write and attempt to get published, gotten't I? Yep. Cyaz.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Antique Lace

I had something important to talk about.. but I forgot what it was. 

I went shopping today, and bought organic stuff. Yeah, like to eat healthy and stuff. You know what I bought? Organic pop-tarttsss.. organic cinnamon toast crunch... organic french fries.... WHAT? Don't judge me--you don't know!

I also got a coffee. It was called "Antique Lace" and it sounded so devastatingly romantic that I had to try it, it was made with Canadian cream (not regular, Canadian. And since Canadians got their bacon right, I figure their cream's probably to die for) and white chocolate. Doesn't that sound delicious? In the literal and non-literal sense.
You just imagine yourself with one of those people that makes your heart race and everything in your life fall into place, swimming around in antique lace with Canadian cream and white chocolate and you figure maybe it's a cup of happiness just waiting to dance on your taste buds! And the next thing you know, you're passing up the Kahlua Mocha Mousse to try this bit of joy out on your eager palate!!
Only to be bitterly disappointed.
To tell you the truth, it's nuthin' special.
It tastes like coffee. I mean, who drinks coffee that tastes like coffee?? Not me, I'm a coffee-flavored sugar drink type person. Not a sugar-flavored coffee drink person. Those people--I'll never have them figured out.

So, this summer job I got, I'll be handling CASH. And I'll be a CASHIER (but it's not bagging groceries, don't even go there). So I had to take a cash handling class. You wouldn't think there was much to handling cash but there is o_O.
After the class (which I got 100% on and they LOVED how I filled out the info on the check, btw *smug*), I came home and then went to Walmart because I wanted dinner and mom and dad were supposed to be going to Bible study so it was like, "well, sheesh, it's just me and Jake and Pete? I'm just going to go buy myself a crumb to eat then."
Mom and dad ended up ditching Bible study and I came home with a tiny little bag of Newman's Own Chicken Florentine. I put it on the stove and mom said I had to cook dinner. I was like *goat face* (oh, I guess you guys don't know what that is, I'll have to post a picture).
Anyway, long story short, I ended up cooking dinner for myself, and they went out to a Mexican restaurant.
Doesn't that just make me seem like some sort of scum? Hey, they were supposed to be going to Bible study. Don't look at me like that. Mom did give me a guilt trip about how it was my night to cook and I was getting out of it. Great, now I feel guilty. I guess I'll cook tonight to make up for it.
So, anyway, after all that, I go to sleep. And I dream about handling cash. Tons of things go wrong in my dream. It was a nightmare. But the highlight is, I got to play around with a real live cash register, yes, it's the small things in life. I was excited. My friend, Laura, was not. She got a job with me and, let's just say, I was the more enthusiastic about the cash register of the two.

On the way home from Wal-mart yesterday, btw, I got a splendid view of the mountains and the valley/prairies that we live near, and to the West were sun-rays shining through these gray and golden clouds, and to the North were these delicious rain clouds. All over you could see the rain coming down in the distance. To the Eastish South, there were blue skies and light clouds. It was all the greatness of weather mixed into one of the best panoramic experiences in the world!
I LOVE this place, sooo much. I think out of all the things I talk about on my blog, I talk about how much I love this place the most. Because it's true. I could not imagine ever leaving it-- well, yes I can.. if it got stripped down and turned into something horrible, like El Cajon, then I'd probably abandon it for Canada. But until then, I'll continue loving it!
I always say, if you want to persuade me to leave, do it in January. January is horribly unromatic. But once you get to March, I'm a goner. And it's downhill from there. April is beautiful but, oh. my. word. May is the most marvelous, magnificent miracle of them all! The lilacs come out! And everything's green and blue and red and purple and yellow and amazuzing!
Why did I say it that way, I hate that way.. but I did it anyway. No, it won't do. "AMAZING". Ok, I feel better.

You know what we need up here? An all organic coffee shop. Give me that in kiosk/drive-thru form and I'm sold. DO ET.

Ok, here's the goat face for you all.
Yes, I know it's a ram. Shut up!
THOUGH. I've found an actual goat face that cracks me up:
It works the opposite way, if they smell realllly bad. Omw, that picture makes me laugh.
By the by, I got called "abrasive" the other day, by a good friend and he didn't mean it as an insult. And I was actually almost a little pleased! What is wrong with me? Of course my co-worker shot me down and said that he was the more abrasive one out of the two. Pff, just rain on my parade. I guess I'm not really abrasive unless I'm being sarcastic. Because when I'm just talking to people I turn into this sort of softy-squishy-smiley-nice-do-gooder. Do you know how much that hurts my reputation as a cold-hearted-abrasive-meanie? Sigh.
Ok, ok, I don't really have that sort or reputation. Reputations are funny that way, they're usually wrong. Character, however, is what you want to look at. Character is what you are. Reputation is usually the wrong idea people get about you :p Sometimes a reputation can be spot on, who knows, but I don't like trusting reputations. Ok, I'm leaving.

Monday, April 1, 2013



I got a job.
Well--I have a job, I got a second job--a summer job! So that I can afford to go to April's wedding.
See? This is what happens when you leave Facebook!
Today is April Fool's day so I signed onto Facebook to have a good laugh. To be honest, it's kind of lame, and really negative on there.. and boring. Run, people, run!
Though it IS good to see all my friends on there that I don't normally talk to and I miss them so much that I'm almost tempted to stay but I know I won't.
Facebook in and of itself does not appeal to me anymore and I really like life without it.

Anyway, enough preaching about Facebook. What I really came on here to say, is, Mitsubishi!
Yes, Mitsubishi. A friend of my mom's gave us her old crumb Mitsubishi Mirage. It is a 5 speed. I knew how to drive a 5 speed once... I wasn't super duper good at it..
I made my dad relearn me how to drive and ---omw... I love it. I don't ever want to drive an automatic again!
Sadly.. because I loved my car so, it's such a shiny maroonish red and it's a Grand AM which some of you might laugh at but I like it a lot. I've had it for over 5 years now and we've pretty much bonded for life. How could I even imagine getting rid of it?
However...I had to take it in to be repaired... So taking the weekend that it was being repaired and add on the week before in which I didn't drive it because it was broke, I went about a week and a half without driving and automatic and took every opportunity I possibly could to drive the Mitsubishi. I've become addicted. It's soo fun to drive a 5 speed, I can't even tell you how much.
Today, happy day, I picked up my car from the shop. $112's ok, it's not as bad as I thought it was going to be. I was so elated to have it back that I hopped in and turned it on and put my left foot to the clutch position and felt my heart's not a 5 speed!
T.T (boohooerisms)

I'm having horrible cheater thoughts about selling my car and getting a good 5 speed. But I have some concerns: Right now my car is in good condition and it's pretty reliable. It gets pretty good gas mileage, too.. well on the freeway anyway. Plus I've always liked it, a lot. It would probably make me sad to sell it.
Kelley Blue Book marks it at a niice price that could get me a pretty decent car. (You should know my family always buys used cars from private sellers -- mostly -- that's how we roll.)
And 5 speeds are just sooooo fun to drive!
So should I be smart and keep a good car because there's nothing wrong with it and it has low miles?
Or should I sell it now that it's worth sumthin' and get a 5 speed with better gas mileage?
I've been considering getting a smallish SUV for a while so it wouldn't be a horribly hasty decision, but we'll just have to see, shall we?

Either way, I'm excited to start my new job. I know it'll be nothing like working for the family, and I'm prepared for that, prepared to be unprepared :p
You don't get to know what it is because I'm pretty sure you could pinpoint my exact location by knowing and you KNOW I like to keep you in the dark (besides half of you already know where I live and where the job is anyway).
There was something else... I wanted to say... but I just don't remember. Oh well! Too bad.
I'm going now, and that's that!