Tuesday, July 31, 2012


We should get jerseys, cuz we make a good team. But yours would be better than mine, cuz I'm out of your league.
This song is stuck in my head. I don't know why, though, because I just watched a video clip of me and April being nerds to the music of The Good, the Bad and the Ugly..
Anyway, what's up?
Nothing's up here, thanks for asking.
Ok, some things, I've been writing like a good girl, I have. And I've been slowly copying down verses into a document for my bible study I'm doing. There were about 165 verses in Proverbs.. and then I get to sort through them! Yay! But, no, this is a nice study, and I want to do it. It's just hard for me to focus on one project for long periods of time. I write a little, I study a little, I play games, I paint a little, then I come back to the computer.

So, I was thinking, my brothers never think I'm very funny so I always imagine I'm not funny at all (see what they do to me??). But one of my friends told me my face expressions when talking are hilarious. It's very dear to me to know that I can make someone laugh with my face..
I've also been complemented on how I argue. Which I've never heard of before. But I was arguing with Nick (I might have mentioned this in a previous blog) and our uncle's friend said she had to complement our way of arguing because we were being so polite and not throwing fists everywhere.
That gave me cause to feel a little dignified.
Oh yes, I got on here for a reason. I was going to talk about guys. I was just thinking how ironic it is that April and I have always wondered where all the good guys are. (Come on, where are they??). In a world that's so dark and evil, full of losers and such, it's like there's no hope! Only to find out, there are good guys out there, and they're wondering, "where are all the good girls?"
Just hilarious! Ok, not that funny.
In all honesty, I know there are lots of good, godly men out there, just because you can't see them, doesn't mean they don't exist. April and I reminded ourselves of this particular part in the Bible:
"Lord, they have killed thy prophets, and digged down thine altars; and I am left alone, and they seek my life. But what saith the answer of God unto him? I have reserved to myself seven thousand men, who have not bowed the knee to the image of Baal." Romans 11:3,4
Elijah thought he was the last, but God knew better. That's why it's always best to trust in the Lord and not lean on our own understanding, what we see with our physical eyes.
Not that I want you all to think I'm sitting around, brooding about the lack of guys. It was just the irony that I wanted to talk about. April wrote an article in which she made this point and it's been on my mind.

Also, another thing I was thinking. Everyone has their limit. Until they're stretched past it. And then they realize they're stronger than any limitations.
For instance, say you think you could never, ever, eat a live bug. You say, "I can squash them, I can live with them, but I will never eat them." That's your limit. But then, the time comes where you have to eat a live bug, and you do it. Why? Well either you have no choice, or you overcome your fears, one or the other.
I'm realizing that, with God, all things are possible and even though I say, "oh, I could never do that." I realize that God can work with a person and get them through things they thought they could never do.
Of course, you should know me well enough by now to know I'm talking about anything but sin. Of course when I say, "I will never do that sinful thing." I intend to keep that promise. No, no, I'm talking about non sinful things that we're too wimpy, chicken or stubborn to do. No, I'm not talking about thrill-seeking, dangerous, bone-headed acts like sky-diving. Though, I never would sky-dive, but if I had to jump out of a plane with a parachute, I know I would if my life or someone else's life depended on it. And that's what I mean! You think you have these limits, but then when you're tested you see what you're really made of and that you're far stronger than you even imagined! I like to give God that glory, because without Him, I'd probably have been stretched to my limit while taking care of Grandma. And I know mothers all over the world are stretched to their limits. And then past them. And you come out stronger than before, with more confidence, realizing you can do anything!
My grandma was a biiig limit-stretcher. And I'll always be thankful to God for all the lessons He taught me through taking care of her.
Just when you think you've had enough, an unfound strength soars to the rescue and you stand up and take it.
Sure, not everyone does this. Some people crackle and fall and give up. Don't be that person. Be the awesome one that fights past your limitations and becomes all the better because of it!

Anyway, I'm going to go run. Peace out, Jimmy!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

So, Trolly People, what have you been up to lately?
I realize I've been away and then, suddenly, I started just posting tons of blogs. Good for me!
Well, I decided to give you a personal update, rather than preach at you all the time to listen to people and be nice.
I got a new computer! Most of the Facebook friends know this, but let's say that there are people--ok, maybe one person-- out there that is not from Facebook. You must know that I bought a new computer!
This means I'm supposed to be responsible and write more.
. . . .
Ok, ok, I've been writing a little. But April --gasp, yes that's BFF's name-- has been working on her own book as of late. Our book has been left, abandoned, sitting in the corner gathering dust.. T.T
This has left me to my own projects.
. . . .
Ok, they're not that bad. But it was hilarious, for a while I was working on this one book and it was going great. It was a Christian book about a guy on the streets that turns his life around and so on. So, just to do my own homework for once, I look up different publishing houses to see which ones accept letters of inquiry and which ones are super strict on having a literary agent (I really would prefer not having to get an agent..) Much to my surprise--though I should have known better-- I found this list from Barbour Books (one of the bigger ones that accept non-agent Authors).
After explaining that the books should express a conservative evangelical Christian view, and explaining a deep, personal relationship with Jesus Christ is important for their Authors to have.. They list this:
THINGS TO AVOID:  Avoid such
controversial topics as the following:
1.  Spirit baptism (and time of, at
     conversion vs. Second experience of            
2.  Water baptism (meaning of and time of,
children or adults)
3.  Gifts of the Spirit (e.g., are tongues    
  still around?)
4.  End times (setting dates)
5.  Lord’s Supper (ordinance vs.
6.  Women’s ordination
7.  Christian perfection
8.  Transferring qualities of Jesus—or                
 passages in the Bible that refer to
 Jesus—to heroes in books.  This
 also applies to Mary, Jesus’
 earthly mother.
Avoid strictly any language that could be
considered foul and use of mention of alcohol
or drugs.  Euphemisms such as heck, darn, and
so on should not be used. To many of our
readers these words are substitutes for curses.
. . . . . . .

So what on Earth am I supposed to write about now?? A Christian Publisher that doesn't want you to write about Christ, apparently! Oh- oh! Then they go ahead and say that a particular Biblical message should be threaded throughout your book. What message is there left to give??
Number 7 really got me--Christ coming and dying on the cross to destroy the bonds of sin is what the Bible's all about--He defeated sin and death! These people published a book of Cathy Marie Hake's in which a young woman is raped (of course they don't show that happening, but you figure it out.) but they won't publish anything that has truth in it? They obviously would rather have a wordly book with "God" thrown in than a good book with morals and truth! The foul language I could avoid. But the alcohol is laughable! How am I supposed to have a drunken bum crawl up from the ashes without mentioning he loved alcohol? There goes his witness! Christ saved him from the bottom rung but he can't talk about it because it would involve mentioning alcohol!
These guidelines very much reflect Christianity these days, fluffy and soft, not wanting to offend anyone--ever. I should remind you that Christ offended the Pharisees often.. and then they killed him.
Ugh. So, regardless, I'll just have to appeal to a worldly publisher to publish my book. Which is sad, isn't it? That my book full of Christian truths has a better chance of being published by a secular publishing house than a so-called Christian one?

Anyway, so I started on my fairytale book that I wrote a while ago for my youngest brother. I stopped writing it because I realized the name I used for the land was actually made up by J R R Tolkien. Classic, Andrea.
But I got over that and made up a new name.. and then found out it is associated with Chinese foot binding....
Ok, so forget the name! Just write! And that's what I'm doing right now. Or, attempting to do..
Which is where you come in! Instead of writing, like I should, I write blogs! Hey, at least it's literary.
I'm also going to be doing some studying, too, and I'll post those for your reading pleasure.
I also traveled West to visit my sister and her family. It was good to see the kiddos but I was glad to be back home, where I belong. I could tell you, I will be quite happy living in this area for the rest of my life. Unless, surely, there's a better place, but I haven't found one yet. Nor do I expect to.
Also, last month, I bought myself a neat little wing-backed chair. It's green and it sits yonder, in the corner. I do so love it.
And tonight I'm going to paint some pottery with my mother and two of her friends.
None of my friends, though, because they can't. Bah, what good are friends if they never go anywhere with you? (That's a joke, because I never go anywhere with them!)
Oh, I also signed up for a 5K called Graffiti Me. It's great, you get sprayed with powdery paint as you run and get completely colored! My brother's friend is going to run with me-- see that? My brother's friend! I can't even beg my own to come!! Anyway, it's going to be cool and I'm excited about it.
One last bit: April has started a blog of her own! writelicious.blogspot.com Is it evil of me to mention that I came up with the superb name?? >=)
Actually, I thought of it, and then she said she thought of it before I mentioned it. But then I persuaded her to use it rather than the others she was considering.
So go look at it. Chop chop!
And here's a picture of my delightful new little computer. I named him Jarvis.

Tata you leopards!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Understand? (Part Two)

This brings me to the second part of my thoughts. Relaying what is on my mind to others is a hard task, indeed. I don't even know why. I think, perhaps, I'm exaggerating a little more than I should, but I have many people telling me that I don't explain things well enough and, sometimes, that I downright stink at speaking. I can sometimes bumble up my sentences, or start explaining something and then backtrack to explain something that happens before that. This can exasperate people at times. Why? Mostly because they're impatient.
Let me explain something here, it's not normally our fault that we don't speak well. Yes, we can better ourselves (oh, and I do, trust me), but be patient with these people. If you don't understand something they're explaining, simply say, "I don't understand."
I think that peoples' brains work different ways so I could relay something that makes perfect sense to me but to the person I'm relaying it to it could be Greek, for all they knew. It doesn't mean either of us is stupid, just that the bridge of communication is broken down and we're tossing words across the chasm of confusion, hoping we'll get our point across. Isn't it funny? We both speak English, but we still don't understand!

If you happen to come across a person such as I've described, please do not tell them that they stink at speaking. This will make them feel badly. Unless, of course, you feel you should..
Instead, attempt to communicate, things can't be so complicated that you can't take a few minutes out of your busy schedule to ask someone to repeat something. Giving up on understanding is a lazy cop-out. Just try to understand. Put forth the effort toward another human being. I'm sure we all have some scrap of humanity left in us that this shouldn't be too hard an exercise.
My best friend is so great about this, at least with me. She's very patient through what I'm saying and if she doesn't get it she says so and then I try to explain in a different way.
When you know someone well enough you become accustomed to their thinking processes, and then that makes it easier for you to explain things in the best way for them to understand.

Oftentimes people mistake what I say as something offensive. Before I know it, they're getting upset with me because of something I said that I did not mean, in anyway, to be taken as offensive!  This is another fault in a lot of people, assumptions are made when you don't fully understand what is being said. You fill in the blanks by yourself and come to a conclusion you aren't happy with.
Clarification is your best friend! You don't know the person's motives behind what they're saying--unless you ask them, of course, which involves communication--so you ought not assume that they're all wrong. Ask them to repeat what they just said, ask them to clarify. Sometimes there are no hidden meanings and what the person said is exactly what they meant. Women will have a harder time accepting this than men. If you could take a few extra words and ask a person what they meant -- without hostility -- it could put out a lot of sparks that could start fires.

Now, don't ask questions that you don't want the answers to! That's an entirely different topic that I may or may not expound upon in some sort of future. But I just wanted to say it before I ended. In all of this clarifying, you're usually having them clarify something which they want clarified. But I will be talking about THAT later.
Anyway, I think I'll close here. Except it's not a real close because you'll still have more to read down there vvvv notes that I wrote in the middle of writing this and the first part. Lol, I know, I'm weird sometimes. Well, tata!

So. I just stepped out and went for a little jog. I dragged my brother on a jog. And jog jog jogged. Yes.. I've downgraded to the term "jogging". I just didn't think I was fit for the title of "runner" anymore. I definitely have to work up to that status again.
But I did good jogging! And then there's the backwards hill, it's my favorite part! I walk up it backwards, boy do you get a great workout doing that! More things to think of on my walk: There is this strange noise outside my house--not right outside, more like down the hill, over the other houses, down the mountain and near the highway--or even by the train tracks. My point is.. there's a NOISE. It's fairly often, but I don't know how often and I just can't pinpoint what it is. It's the cross between a Saint Bernard barking (but more like a small RUFF, than a true bark) and an old car's throttle being revved. But a short rev. And then it also sounds like a shifter grinding between gears. So, can you place that sound? Cuz I can't. I've noticed it about twice a day. At night when I lie in bed with the window open (because it's hot) I've noticed it about three times.
Yes, it's strange. I only mention it now because I heard it again on my walk.
Also. I thought up an interesting sentence.
Dear Deer, today I saw a beer by a bear that dare share! Where? Do you care.
Now that you've been subjected to my senselessness, I will continue on with my original point. Only I will continue up there so that you will come to this part at the end of my serious talk so as to not disrupt the flow of your thoughts.
And tata again!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Understand? (Part One)

Hello, James, how are you this eve?
Oh, I'm just simply smashing, thank-you. And the wife and kids? Delightful.
Look, I realize it's been a while, but will you spare me the lecture? ..oh, that was your inquisitive voice? Darling, we really must work on your tones, you sound a little bit like an interrogator! Which sounds a little like Alligator. You know, that sparks in me a thought: Inspector Detector from Speed Racer. Now THAT is a fun name to say and THAT is a super fun movie. I think if you were to cut out a portion of my mind and put it in a movie, it would look like Speed Racer. Why a portion, you ask? It's simple, my dear--no, no, I don't have split personalities, let me finish--My humor, my character, my entire being--as a whole--could not be summed up in a simple cinematic experience such as Speed Racer. I like to think I'm a little more complex than all that.

But now that we've got the important part of our discussion out of the way..
My last blog was a little monkish with all its "finding one's self" and such. Which I don't regret! But now to lighten the mood.
Wait, nevermind, I came on here to discuss something thoughtful--so forget the lightened mood. Well, it could be a little ENlightened, perhaps. Alright, alright, I'll get on with it.
So my thoughts are focused on communication.
Why don't people do it more often? Why don't they just say things? I mean, don't blurt out everything that's on your mind, but if someone misunderstands, just explain.
Alright, I realize I need to go a little further back.

It all started when I was a young girl, riding a quad through the desert. I was on the side of a dune and thought it would be neat if I just stopped on a slope. Then the quad dumped me over, I fell, rolled down the hill and the quad followed after. It landed on me then proceeded to roll off. I got a mouth full of sand that day.. it didn't taste very good. But that story doesn't have anything to do with what I want to say. But at least, by now, most people have sighed and ex'd out of the page because I won't get to the point. That's good, it leaves only the serious people that are truly interested in what I have to say. Which is probably a grand total of three or eight.
Anyway, I always--not always, most of the time--thought I couldn't explain things properly. I sometimes have trouble with words and giving instructions/directions. [Except for this one time, three years ago, my best friend's luggage was left at the airport and the guy called for directions to my house. I gave them to him and when he got here he said that I was good at giving directions!]
That's beside the point.

My mind works in a certain way, when my dad or brother try to explain difficult math theory to me, my brain shuts down. But I had a great friend that took the time to explain things to me in simpler terms that totally clicked! I always thought I was bad at math, but I'm actually quite good at it if I understand it. Understanding it takes time and patience. And that's what I'm upset about. Time and patience. Nobody has it anymore!
I always treasured people that would take the time to explain something, rather than waving their hands and saying, "forget it."
Anything, a mathematical equation, an inside joke, a recipe, a story. Anything big or small.
When you say "forget it" rather than explaining it's like saying, "you're not worth the explanation."
Most people may not feel that way, but I do.
Why can't people be more patient and explain things? Laziness? Indifference? I don't know.
I had a friend that explained lots to me. He didn't have to and, compared to him, I felt like a moron. He was super smart but took the time to explain whatever I didn't understand.
I realize talking about this may make me sound like an idiot, but I'll take that chance and hope you guys take my word for it when I say I possess *some* intelligence.
Anyway, his name was Ben, and he was a good little friend to have.
Then there was Justin L (not to be confused with Justin Buddy). I was studying for my GED test and I needed, desperately, to understand math. He explained everything to me. I had such stupid questions but laugh he did not! Instead he just explained! And in simple terms, might I add. I felt like a champ going through my math test. Though I didn't ace it.. but I still felt like a champ.
So, think about my words next time someone doesn't understand something you say. Are you going to get frustrated and yell at them? Exasperated and shrug it off? Or will you be patient and explain? Realize that the latter will (or may) leave a lifelong impression on this person. Depends on the person. But it did and does for me.