Thursday, December 26, 2013

Waking Up

In order to go to the hospital to be with me, Dad parked his truck at our cousins' and Mom and Nick would pick him up and drive together. He parked in the driveway and got out of the truck just as a helicopter soared above him, he paused to look at it and thought, "that's my daughter in there..."
Nick and Mom stayed behind to pick up my belongings, the small meals that I bought at Walmart and the bag of clothes cut off of me. Nick drove, my mom couldn't drive.
They got to the hospital and directly to the emergency room where they couldn't find my name. So they sent my family to a emergency waiting room where my parents' Bible study leader showed up to offer some support and prayer. The hospital people told them that they were taking me directly into surgery because I did have a ruptured spleen (I knew I had heard correctly), my doctor didn't want to wait for any further results, he wanted to remove the spleen right away.
They were sent to the surgery waiting room and given no more information.
Prayers were being sent up on my behalf at a high rate that even I can't imagine right now and you will find out how they were all answered.
In the mean time.. Matt had told April the details of the accident via Rachelle once they were parked at a gas station. April disciplined herself to not freak out, she realized she would need to be strong for me because I would be counting on her. Her dad called to pray with her but all she said to anything he had to say was, "ok."
They started on the road again with Matt driving, things were quiet as they prayed and thought and then April finally spoke up, "She's my buddy..."
"Yeah, I know."
"Andrea's, like, you know..." She tried to imagine the perfect description.
"I know." Matt said again.
"She's like my kid and my mom and my sister all wrapped up into one."
But she didn't let the fear trickle in, she straightened her shoulders, "but she's counting on me to be strong, I know she's expecting me to pray for her, she'll be counting on me right now, so I'm not going to fall apart. I'm going to be strong."
They made it to their apartment where April checked out the explosion of prayers on Facebook then sent out a prayer email to those who do not have Facebook. Once this was all done she felt the need to call my sister again, "I wanted to call back, I want you to know I feel a lot of peace and I know she's going to be alright. You know me, you know Andrea, I'm going to fight for her. I'm going to trust the Lord."
Rachelle said, "I felt the same exact way."
Even though I didn't know this was transpiring at the time, it's still a comfort to hear all the prayers that were going on on my behalf. It's humbling to see the body of Christ rally together to be strong for me when I was under and not with it to even imagine to have faith.
My three other brothers were in line to see Catching Fire when Jeff heard, through various phone calls and texts he eventually found out that it was a serious accident. They couldn't really do much so they stuck around the line to see the movie. Nick joined them just before the movie started.
My last brother, or I should say the oldest brother, was at work (he teaches at a college) when he found out. He stuck around for a while until he broke down and cried, he couldn't take the emotional stress of having his little older sister in the emergency room so he left work and went straight to the hospital.

The Doctors called it "ding-dong"ing my brain. It's where I hit so hard that my brain rattles against both sides of the skull like a bell. It's amazing that I woke up at the scene of the accident and that I suffered zero brain damage and wasn't in a coma.
There was a blood clot in my left shoulder, Rachelle got wind of this and posted it on a Facebook chat where all my close friends were praying for it to dissolve. It dissolved.
I had broken three ribs, rib 1, 4 and 5. Rib #1 is supposedly very tough and takes a heavy impact to break, let's scratch that off the list of things to do.
The bent, broke, charged forth and punctured my lung. Blood and other glamorous stuff decided to start flowing in the area around my lung.
3 must be my happy number because I also broke my pelvis in three different places, this hurts, let me tell you. The doctors were already lining me up for surgery in a bigger hospital in the city next to us.
They also thought that I had a broken back, this was not the case and this was good news because, as you know, back injuries can cause paralysis.
The real treat was the spleen. They said it was ruptured, as you know, and took me into surgery to take it out right away. Rachelle's prayer team was on this one, they prayed for it to be spared. When the Dr. went in he noticed that it wasn't ruptured but only lacerated. He was able to "salvage" it by putting a dissolvable mesh around it. This isn't the first or the last miracle that happened.

I woke up. The drugs were heavy and, honestly, I barely remember a thing. I had so much hardware, a girdle-type belt that was bright orange kept my ribs still (every single nurse that saw it commented on how they'd never seen a girdle that color), I had a catheter, a chest tube to drain the liquid around my lung,  drainage tube to drain any excess liquid around my spleen, oxygen tube, a stomach tube to pump my stomach (such a thing went through my nose, down my throat and into my stomach. Yuck), a red, glowing thing on my finger to measure heart-beat, an I.V. and a blood transfusion. This means somebody else's blood was inside my body. This means I am eternally bonded to a stranger somewhere. I can't say I was more with it after the surgery than I was when I woke up at the crash site, though I remembered what had happened. My parents explained that I had had surgery on my spleen. Despite the fact that it was already over, this scared me, I couldn't see the incision as it had a bandage over it and then the giant girdle but it was about a 7-8 inch line over the top of my belly from my belly button to my ribs. Today, four weeks later, I look at the scar and freak out at the thought that somebody took a knife to my belly and sliced it open.
I asked, almost right away, if the others (the ones that hit me) were ok. I had to know if I was responsible for someone else's death.
Thankfully, no one had been hurt. There were parents and a 7 year old girl. My heart lurched at the thought of a kid being killed on my account but they had only suffered mild bruises from the seat belts and sowhat.
The three oldest brothers came in to see me, Nick said he was surprised at how swollen I looked. Jeff said he was taken aback at my speech, I sounded like a low-key whale or Chewbacca.
Brad looked the most shaken up out of the three, I recognized the emotion even in my drugged state.
They all said hi and that they loved me and held my hands before leaving.
I remember one thing I wanted to know right away was if they all went to the movie, I couldn't stand the idea of the movie tickets going to waste. They had and that relieved me.
I remember feeling warm and telling everyone with cool hands that it was ok to touch my feet or face or hands. I was out of surgery at 1 in the morning and fell asleep quickly after that.
The next morning my mom came back while dad went to work. I was still so out of it I don't remember anything that went on besides the undeniable, unquenchable thirst that wracked my body the entire day.
They didn't want me to drink at all because I was expected to go into surgery--eventually.
I had to wait for a CCU bedroom to open up in the other hospital so that I could go there after surgery, we were also waiting on the Dr. from the other hospital to look at the xrays to decide if I even needed surgery after all. While this was being decided my good spiritual family was praying that I wouldn't have to have surgery done.
So, no water, no food. My mouth was parched and I felt like I would soon start to murder in order to have just one taste of water.
I called my sister and started crying once I heard her voice. She told me one of the best pieces of news, my favorite atheist, one that I preach to and care about and have great faith that he will come to Christ, prayed on my behalf. He prayed to God when he found out about the accident.
This delighted my heart. I told everyone I thought to tell, in fact I was quite the chatter box when I was drugged up, murmuring away like a Chewbacca whale. I also asked everyone for water. They had a little sponge that they dipped in water to cool off and wet down my mouth. I would suck on it sometimes like the desperate cheater that I was. I finally complained so much that the nurse gave me a few pieces of ice. It was like heaven.
Have you ever heard of the story of Lazarus and the Rich Man? The Rich Man went to hell and there he said, "have mercy on me, and send Lazarus, that he may dip the tip of his finger in water, and cool my tongue; for I am tormented in this flame. " 
Well, I wasn't in hell or anything, but I knew what it was like to wish for just a drop of water.

Friday night was also the night I was supposed to go to see Trans Siberian Orchestra with my brothers and some friends. I think it completely economical of myself to inquire if anyone could sell my ticket for me. They did sell it to a friend of a friend that was going. I was relieved, once again.
On their way to the concert all five of my brothers and our two friends/co-workers came to visit me. Now only family was allowed in the CCU and only 2 visitors at a time so they had to send them in a couple at a time. I remember seeing Nate, our friend, and I held his hand and said, "Nate, you are my brother and I love you, don't take it personally."
Nate, the good champ, only laughed and said, "it's ok, I love you too."
Everyone thought it a good joke but they don't realize I was of a correct mind to assure him that there wasn't any underlying meaning. See how smart I can be while drugged?
My mom and dad's Bible study leader came back that day, I said hello and was very happy to see him. I held his hand and talked with him and, well, said a bit too much about his handsome son, we'll just leave it at that. <_<
April had decided that she must travel here to be with me. She wanted to be sure she had agreement from Matt before she talked to me so that she could give me a resounding "yes" when I asked her if she was coming. Because, after the 10 years that we've been friends, she knew I would be asking that.
I also could not stop talking about Mike enough. I resolved that I would find him, somehow. Somehow I would find him and thank him for being there.

The next day was exciting. 
Again, don't expect me to get anything in order. But my cousins came calling, I have third cousins and their parents, second cousins once removed. Now, one of my third cousins is not affectionate. I call him Prezzie as a nickname. He stood at my side and held my hand while I dozed off. This was one of the most touching moments, as I explained he's not affectionate. They gave me a little tiny stuffed husky and I named him Prezzie to remember the moment forever.
I also had a bit of a problem. It was either the night of Friday or the morning of Saturday that I felt in excruciating pain. It was my ribs. I was thrashing about and screaming and crying in pain. I couldn't stand it. It hurt, it burned, it pinched, I wanted to just die. The world's awesomest nurse, Liz, was there, I remember being glad, in the midst of the pain, that it was her and not one of the cranky nurses, that was there during this trying time.
They finally sedated me. Then gave me the blood transfusions I mentioned earlier. My vitals had dropped rapidly during that time which was a bit of a scare but I came out of it for the better.
That pain. It was not good.`
April called me and we had a chat. Of course I asked her if she was going to come and she said yes. I was shocked. You need to understand: I've visited her about every year for 10 years. She's visited me 3 times (not by express choice, but these are just facts). So I was amazed. I asked her 30 times if she was serious and begged her to come for my surgery, which the Drs were saying would occur on Monday.
She said she would see what she could do.
Then my brother in law called. The most brilliant, happy thing happened. He asked for the baptism of the Holy Spirit and was filled with the Holy Spirit with evidence of speaking in tongues!
This was so wonderful, I told him I was so happy and proud of him.

My hero returned.
That night I was lying in bed, drifting in and out of a sleeping state. I would feel like I'd gotten hours of sleep and wake up and ask my dad, "how long was that?" and he'd say, "twenty minutes."
It was frustrating to wake up thinking it ought to be a new day but know it wasn't even midnight.
So, there I was, just chilling, when the most beautiful sight graced my glazed-over eyes.
Mike. Mike, the fireman that crawled into my car and talked me through everything, Mike who stayed by my side, who stayed under the tarp with me while my car was being chomped to pieces, Mike who promised to sign the cast I never received. Mike. Mike came to see me.
He brought a friend who had been at the accident but had helped the people I had hit.
I was beside myself with joy. I held his hand and just kept telling him thank you and such things. This was one of the most meaningful things through this whole ordeal, being reunited with Mike. I don't know that I cried, but I ought to have because it makes me teary-eyed just thinking about it. I will always remember Mike as I will always remember this time in my life.
It was 5 the next morning when I woke up. My parents weren't there, yet, because they were obviously getting a good night's sleep. I called my sister because I felt lonely and she told me about Will's baptism story. She encouraged me in the Lord, talked to me about healing. I joked to her about my ribs popping when I breathed. You see, her kids call me "Aunt Poppy" so I told her that I truly was Aunt Poppy, now.
April had found a good plane fare for the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. She would miss out on my surgery on Monday but I was ok with the arrangements.
Somewhere around this time the nurse announced I could drink water. I rejoiced. And I drank. And drank. And drank.

That day, the day before my surgery, they told me that I would not need surgery after-all! They said it would be too tedious to try to move the bones just a tiny millimeter in order to get it perfectly lined up. They believe the bone would heal fine on its own. My Orthopedics Dr. was very concerned but he was certain it would be ok as long as I put ZERO weight on it.
Also, my parent's pastor returned for another visit! And who did he bring with him but none other than the handsome son I had so druggingly raved about!
I was very glad to see their plaid-clad selves. We had a good jaw over the accident and joked a bit before they left.
The next day, the day I was supposed to have my surgery, they moved me out of the CCU and into a regular room! At this point I probably had half the hardware I started out with, but still a decent amount, enough to brag about.
But moving to that room was a happy, refreshing moment, I felt relieved and free.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

The Accident

It's been quite a while since my last blog but the latest happenings in my life have called for an update.

Monday, November 18th, I did something I've never done before, I had my wisdom teeth removed. This was a bit of a painful, new experience but I was glad it was going to be over with in a matter of days. I was excited to get it done at the beginning of the week because Hunger Games: Catching Fire came out that Thursday and I was determined to see it opening night. In fact, I had already purchased the tickets for myself, my friend and four of my brothers. That Friday I was going to see Trans Siberian Orchestra with the brothers and some other friends. The following Saturday was going to be a birthday party for me, thrown by me, a Nertz Tournament, all guests were going to bring delicious things to eat and we were going to have a fabulous card party just before my actual birthday the following weeks. This was going to be a fabulous weekend.

So on Thursday the 21st I went to my second check-up with my surgeon at which they instructed me how to clean out my teeth and such. I could start using my jaw a little more so I went to Walmart and bought two little, frozen meals that I thought would be easy to eat, I also went to Walgreens to buy some very special mouth sore stuff that cost $9.00 per tube because I had chewed on my cheeks while they were swollen and that was the worst pain out of the lot. At Walmart I also bought a nightguard to keep from clenching my jaw at night. These would ensure a smoother recovery. Gas was at an all-time low at, I believe $2.93 per gallon! I had just enough money to fill 'er up. I was very pleased with my budgeting at this point and started my drive home happy and looking forward to the movie premier which I would be getting ready for when I got home. At that point it was about 5 o'clock, my brothers would be getting in line already, I still tired a little easily and had to time my pain meds with my meals and to when I went to the movies and also had to time another medication to after I got there so that my brothers could drive me home (it was a night-time muscle relaxant that I had to take around 7-8 and I couldn't be driving after that so I was intending to take it at the theater).

The details were coming together, I drove West as the sun was, I believe, all the way set, if not for a little gray on the horizon. I turned right down a short street that would take me to the so-familiar highway that I drive on multiple times a day. I have to turn left on this highway after crossing some train tracks.
On this particular highway, there is a right-turn lane to turn on my road and then a left-turn lane to turn on my road. The right turn lane (coming from my left) was full of cars with bright lights. To my right there was a truck afar off and another person in the turn lane. I don't remember this part very clearly, I don't remember how long I stopped, how long I waited, what I thought, how safe I thought it was or if I was distracted, I only remember pulling out to make my left turn either thinking I had time or not seeing the car to the left at all, but a car did come from the left so fast my only thought was a jam of thoughts, really, "not safe", "too soon", "no!", "not the car". I tried to drive to the right and step on the gas to avoid the collision but the collision happened. I blacked out.

My mom and brother, Nick, were at home when my mom received a call.
"Are you Andrea's parents?"
"She's been in an accident."
"Where?" My mom practically croaked the word and my brother could hear what was being said, he stood from his seat. They gave her the place of the crash and she said, "I'll be right there," and threw her phone down on the floor, grabbed her boots on, my brother gave her a coat because he had enough sense to know it would be freezing, and they went directly to the car. My crash happened within 5 miles of my house, it only took about 4 minutes to get there. My mom walked up to a person who looked like he was in charge a grabbed the shirt collar and said, "I am the mother, is she alive??"
"Is she conscious??"
"Yes. She's talking."
They told them I had some broken ribs and possibly a broken back.
But they wouldn't let them see me.

I woke to chaos. Firefighters were all around me, I could not remember what day it was or where I was or what had happened. In fact, these instances which I will recount to you will very likely be out of order.
There was one firefighter whose name I will never forget and whose voice and service will always be stamped on my heart, he was the one that spoke with me and stayed by me the entire time. He told me I had been in an accident, my parents were there and that I was going to have a birthday soon. I was confused because I thought it was still the middle of November, possibly the 15th, or so. How could my birthday be so soon?
I noticed that my legs were smashed together and pointed in to the right, I didn't feel much pain.
I was still barely waking up when I heard Mike, the firefighter, ask, "what are you doing?" I realized I had been praying in tongues, "praying!" I said. In fact, I don't remember when I started to pray but it was probably my first thought of action when I realized what was happening.
Mike told me that they were getting the jaws of life to get me out of the car. He continued to ask me questions like what my name was, things I don't remember him asking.
I think I started to hyperventilate at one point because Mike said, "how about you try praying again."
And I did, I prayed in tongues and I felt better as they draped a tarp around me and Mike and cut my car into pieces around me.

Nick called Dad. He didn't want Dad to be driving worried so he toned it down, not telling him all the details. Dad started to come down the same road I had come from thinking I had just been in a little fender-bender. That was, until he saw the three firetrucks around my broken car.
April was in MI, driving home from Bible study in the rain when her husband got a call from my sister. He became very quiet and serious and mentioned April driving. April realized something bad must have happened to me and looked for a place to pull over, as she was exiting the freeway her husband told her that I had been in a car accident with some broken ribs and a possible broken back.

The next part was excruciating.
They had to pull me out onto a flat board. They started by fastening something to me then slowly pulled me out, straight on my back, I screamed in pain and asked for Mike, "I'm right here," he said. Mike had become my closest friend at that point and I didn't want him to leave my side for anything. He told me I might get a cast on something (I think they thought my leg was broken) and said he would come and sign it and I made him promise me that he would. And then I believe I told him he had to come to my birthday party.
The next bit was the most embarrassing moment of my virgin life. Having about six firemen standing around my stretched-out body, they started with the scissors to cut away at my favorite jeans. Is it funny or strange that I was more worried about being naked than my body being broken?
Then they cut through my favorite sweater, the one I posted a picture of on this very blog. The one I wore constantly and loved and was basically an extension of my body. Cut off without a thought because, let's face it, life is more important than cloth.
There I was, naked in front of all these men who didn't think a thing of it, thank God, they were only concerned with saving my life and I am very grateful for that, only I was still prude enough to be mortified about my uncovered state.
They started to move me and my mom pushed through the officials and went straight up to my face and said, "Andrea, we're here."
"Mommy." Was the initial word. Mom kissed my face before they could yank her away. I told her to call April to tell her to pray. They assured me everyone has been called. It eased my mind to know they were there and that everyone was going to be praying for me.

Mike explained that I was going to be life-flighted to our local hospital and that he couldn't go with me. I felt like Pippin being taken away from Merry by Gandalf the White. I was then slid into what felt like a sardine box and flown into the hospital. I started to become unaware of my surroundings as I drifted in and out of consciousness. I remember being wheeled through the hospital and people talking, at one point I heard (or thought I heard) a nurse say "ruptured spleen." I raised my head and looked around me and said, "ruptured spleen???"
They eased me back down and said no one said that but I bet they were lying.
And then lights out.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Chicken Bacon Yes Please

So, really... this love affair with posting recipes on my blog has got to stop!
HAW! Ok, just kidding.
I don't know why but I've been cooking delicious things lately. And when I'm cooking delicious things, I happen to take pictures, and then I review the pictures and HAVE to post them.

So here we are: Chicken Bacon Yes Please (pasta).
I made it up one night, I'm not even sure how or why, but it came to be, and it is. It just.. IS. Something!
Um, yeah. I didn't write down the complete recipe but, people! You know how to make a bechamel, don't you? Come on, be adventurous! I'll give you the guidelines and you can scrounge around from there!

So. Start with bacon.
And then realize that I started the last three paragraphs with "so".
Be sure to use the tiniest frying pan known to mankind. Fry as many pieces as you want! I used 8 strips, I think, half a pound.

This is why we use skillets. This is why we eat bacon. DRIPPINGS!!!!!

Now. Fry 2 chicken breasts in the-- I say IN THE grease.

Season with salt, pepper (FRESHLY CRACKED, I'll slap you!) and parsley. Add a little butter for added caloric content. I mean flavor! Extra flavor!

Boil and cook 1 box of medium-sized shells. SHELLS, no other pasta will do!

Dice the chicken, chop the bacon, ribbon some spinach and mince some artichoke hearts! (You can tell by this picture what my favorite item is. 9 in 10 Americans will say there isn't enough bacon in this picture).

Make a roux out of flour. This gets the drippings. (probably about 1/3 to 1/2 cup flour)

Add that roux to your now-empty pasta pot full of extra roux, about half a stick of butter and a small sprinkling of flour.

This is what people with tiny cast iron skillets have to do. If you have a larger skillet, just imagine your pure bliss in realizing you get to keep the roux in the same pot! I know. Someone buy me a skillet! :p

Then, once the roux is deliciously golden, add milk. You're making about four or five cups of sauce, total. If you have cream sitting around, left over from the last time you cooked, and if you didn't happen to use it all in your Summertime Spaghetti... go ahead and add a spill, it'll make you feel rich or something.

Add more pepper and parsley and awesomeness. Then stir. Oh, the awesomeness is a hefty handful of mozzarella cheese (half a cup or so) and two hearty dashes of nutmeg.

This is how much cheese you want in the sauce. Not a ton that it's pouring off the spoon.
This is also how you tell that your cheese sauce is NOT done.

This is a proper cheese sauce. And did I mention it's delicious??

Finally. Oh wait. First, add the pasta and a bit of tomato sauce that you had frozen in the freezer for such occasions as this. You just want the tomato sauce to troll the pasta, it's not REALLY there, but it's THERE.

NOW, finally!!!
Add the chicken, bacon, spinach and artichoke!!!! OOOH look at it.

Start stirring until your stirrer stops! Then add a handful of cheese. And stir again!

And this.. Is .. so delicious T.T

And then stuff your face. Five times. And make it again and eat it again.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Summertime Spaghetti

So rather than updating you on my life and all that's happened in it...
I decided to channel my inner Pioneer Woman and talk about food instead.
This dish was created one day, out of the blue, I have no idea how or why, but it exists and it is DELICIOUS.

It's called Sumertime Spaghetti and what better dish to make in Fall than something for Summer? It's called this because of it's lightness. It doesn't have a heavy sauce and the addition of artichokes, spinach and tomatoes make it seem a little Summery.

It has quickly become one of my favorite dishes. Evar.

And since I'm the nicest lady this side of the Mississippi, I'm going to give you the recipe.

So you'll need:
1 can of stewed tomatoes
1 package of spaghetti
2 chicken breasts
Artichoke hearts (as many as your artichoke-loving heart desires!)
Spinach (like that stuff that you should be juicing but it really just sits in your fridge)
Parmesan cheese
Olive oil
White wine (optional)

So. Chop up the chicken and saute it in oil and butter, season it with S and P and basil, like so.
I usually boil the chicken first because it's frozen and never thawed out. This usually controls how much water goes into the pan.

I also do it in batches to ensure an even crisping for all chicken. Browning chicken to perfection can only be achieved while wearing an awesome flannel shirt.

Now don't forget to start the pasta water to boil. At this point remember to check the stove to be sure you didn't put it on medium like a moron and make the appropriate changes in temperature so that you can actually BOIL your pasta.

Once the chicken is all done, add it all back into the pan and add tomatoes.

And spinach and your little tiny bit of artichokes (hey, I just like them to have them, I'm not a giant fan. April, however, would probably put a whole costco-sized jar in hers, if her husband let her)

Add a splash of milk. Except, in my case, I had to use whipping cream because we didn't have milk. BAH! Don't use too much, it's only supposed to be a suggestion of dairy!
At this point, also, I would recommend a good turn of white wine. MMM. But I didn't have white, only red! So merr!

Then sprinkle a generous teaspoon of sugar! *trussst mee*

 Add garlic (granulated, but I only had powder! T.T), basil, more pepper, salt and some parsley, just because. Also, don't forget to start your spaghetti to cook!

Cook the pasta until it's nearly done! There should be a tiny bit of crunch to it!

Add it directly to the sauce, do not drain!

Finish cooking the spaghetti in the sauce, gently stirring to incorporate the chicken and sauce. I also added two ladles of pasta water to help the pasta cook and to thin out the sauce a little.

Finally, add parmesan to the top and stir. Do this twice.

Now serve it in the bowl you painted at a pottery party and voila! Mmmmmmm.

This is my favorite. Some of you may not appreciate the lack of sauce. If you want, you can add an extra can of crushed tomato in puree or even another can of stewed tomatoes. But I do love the simplicity of this dish. I usually like pasta with my sauce but this is definitely a sauce with your pasta dish. Enjoy!!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Just a Little Snack

Hello Trolley People!
I am at April´s house in ye olde East preparing for her wedding next week!
My how time flies!
My last entry was in May, right before work got hectic. And, let me tell you, work was very hectic. I was working a ton and when I wasn´t working I was either sleeping or eating.
Finally, I got off work with two days to pack and jetted over to April´s where we´ve been busy busy busy ever since! So you can see it´s basically been a non-stop summer!
I just can´t believe it´s coming to an end.

How about your summer? Did you enjoy it?
I did, for the most part, but am a little sad to see it go. However, there was a first in there! I bought myself a motorcycle! A duel sport (enduro), it´s sweet! I´ve taken it to and from work a few times (as I bought it in August with very little time at work left).
I have lot´s to blog about and will be getting back into blogging once this wedding finishes and I´m back in my beloved Northwest. See you around!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Car Wash

You might not have guessed it about me, but one of my favorite things to do is wash my car.
When the weather is good, I wash it every 2 to 4 weeks. I don't know why, it doesn't seem like work to me! I like to take care of it and making it clean and shiny brings me joy. I washed my car today and found the dreaded paint bubbles from hell. I was like "oh no!!" That means the paint might start peeling! My poor little Red! I was considering getting it a new paint job but who knows how much that costs!

You'll be proud to hear that I've been writing. I'm up to chapter 16 in my Star Wars book. April's been keeping me on that, since I read to her what I write. I like to have something for her every day or so and that keeps me going at it. I've had a bad case of writer's block the past few days because I hit a part in the story where I really didn't know what to do. A brisk walkish run cured that.
Which, by the way, I haven't been doing much of--for shame. I hurt my ankle during my 12K I did a couple weeks ago and it hasn't been the same since. Of course I'm trusting in God for healing but I haven't been out and about on the road because of it. My second cousin once removed is a physical therapist so I might send my ankle on over to him to see what he can do--that's fun, isn't it? That I know my second cousin once removed. I know my third cousins, too. Do you know your third cousins? I bet you don't!

So I need to workout more so I can be svelte for April's wedding which is, crazily, in just three months. THREE MONTHS! OMW. Wait, wait. Wait. WAIT!!! No, stop, STAHP.
Three months... wow... I guess I need to buy my plane ticket or I ain't gonna be going o_O
I'm in charge of the Bridal Shower, which I'm psyched about. And I'm also scheming about the bachelorette party with her two younger sisters. Oooh we're going to have lots of fun.
I was on Etsy tonight, looking for wedding gifts to toss at them. Some of them were cute! Like little Mr. and Mrs. cups and such. I got all caught up in the cuteness when a sudden panic ensued.
April, my friend, my bff. Stolen away by some-some...hairy old beasty MAN!
*evoke horror-stricken face*
Our ten-year friendship flashed before my eyes and I suddenly felt at a loss. You know that feeling you got as a kid when you were in a public place and you turn around and your parents aren't there and you're like, "oh crud, I'm lost! MOM! DAD!?!?!" and you freak out, thinking they've gone and you decide to go find a corner somewhere and cry because you don't like standing in the store or out on a sidewalk because you feel LOST and EXPOSED and your throat suddenly decides to swell up and burn and you can't breath and your heart is racing and you feel like exploding!!!!
Yeah, pretty much that feeling times five or maybe seven. Ok, maybe three, I don't know, being a panicked child is no walk in the park.
But the point is, I panicked. My heartbeat raised and I was freaking out in my head.
I mean, all life basically ends once you get married. Everyone says life starts at marriage--but you know who says that? MARRIED PEOPLE.
They belong to this secret club of married people that promise each other to never tell the single people that, really, marriage means death. They do this so they can call more people to their club so they can have more people to commiserate with!

Yeah, I don't have a very happy pov on marriage at the moment. But if you want to know, no, I don't think it's all that bad--God created it after all--but when it comes to my own BFF running off and getting married to some undeserving, stinky, smelly, hairy, nasty guy? NO!
So what if he's not really all of those <_< he might as well be! (Sorry Matt). I really don't think any guy could really, TRULY deserve her.
Anyways. I feel very much like Anne when she finds out Dianna is going to be married. Only I don't know any Gilberts. My childhood guy already broke my heart :p
I can just imagine all the married people shaking their heads and thinking, "she just doesn't understand!"
>=) Don't I?
>=) Do tell me how I don't understand.
>=) >=)

At the very least, you all should be mildly entertained.
By the by, I changed a lightbulb today.
You want to know some other happy news? In two days (the 18th), April and I will celebrate the day that we first met! I know, I post about it about every year. We WERE supposed to go to Disney world.... And then we WERE supposed to visit each other, two weeks there, two weeks here......BUT SOMEBODY HAD TO GO AND GET MARRIEEDDDDD.
Oh yes, I went there.
Ok, I need to go write more and stop venting about myself and me and mine and my own and self self self self!
By the case you're worried, I'm very supportive of April marrying I'm going to be the BEST, most AWESOME maid of honor in the WORLD. And I'm going to be very happy for her! Because when I'm not whining about it, I myself wouldn't mind marrying SOMEone. Well...he'd have to be pretty much amazing.. which is why I'll probably end up an old spinster.
But I thought I'd share my moment of panic with you. The fact of the matter is, marriage changes everyone's lives, not just the bride and the groom. And it's just a lesson of coming of age when your friend from teenagerdom grows up enough to be someone's wife. Yuck. Who wants a husband anyway, they're stinky and smelly and hairy and--ok ok I'm going! I have five brothers, what do you expect? I know how gross they are! :p
(Just kidding guys, I love you. And you smell like roses.)

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Of the utmost peevish kind!

Let's talk about roundabouts. Do you know what a roundabout is?
It is one of the coolest road inventions ever. And, if used properly, they should reduce traffic congestion!
IF used properly.
People where I'm from must not understand the concept of the right-of-way with a roundabout, because people who are on the roundabout stop when they see someone coming up to the roundabout. Hellooooeeww, you have the right away, just go for it! The people coming up to the roundabout have to yield to you!
By the way, people-who-stop-and-don't-know-what-the-meaning-of-yield-is, the people already on the roundabout are not going to attack you. They are basically on the opposite side of the roundabout, you have permission to enter the roundabout! Sorry, that's like... one of my biggest pet peeves. Which, I don't get, if they peeve you, why keep them as pets??
Want to know another pet peeve? Men! Well, it doesn't really have to do with them, exactly, but their effect on women.
There's this sort of girlish nature that takes over whenever you like a guy. I've been pondering this lately, a girl's attitude around a guy.
You can be one of the most independent, tough, awesome, single ladies ever.. but if you meet a guy you like you suddenly revert back to your 15 year old self. It just blows me away. 
Or, and I'm not sure which is worse, a handsome man talks to you and you turn into this brainless shy person that doesn't know how to answer basic questions. (Ok, so that just happened to me.. don't know if everyone's like that :P) But it's so embarrassing. It's like, "Hellew, where's the awesome, confident girl that walked in?"
So, let's put all the men in front of the roundabouters and be done with it. (That's totally a joke)

Speaking of men, wait. No. Nevermind.
So, I'll tell you something I LOVE, driving a stick shift. But I already talked about that in my other blog! Who cares? I have to say one thing, I am eternally grateful that my siblings and I all got the racing genes from our parents. You can tell racing's in our blood whenever you see us on motorcycles or in a car with any sort of power. Oooh reliishh the power... I want a stick shift. My next car is going to be a stick shift.

So.. I have a question to ask you all (even atheists can join in on the fun, if you want!)
Say you believe in a God that is all-powerful and can do anything, say this God that you believe in created the world and universe and YOU.
This is my question, if a God is that powerful.. do you think He could heal your body if it was broken?
Wow, that reads like I'm being rude, but I'm not.
But, no, you believe that God can heal your body if it was broken?
He really should be able to, shouldn't He?
Healing never occurred to me, to be honest, until I was about 15 or 16 years old.
Say you created a machine, just imagine it in your mind.
You created it to do something (whatever you want), you put it together, you know the ins and outs.
Then, you have a friend that studies the machine, looks at it, takes it apart... gets to know it pretty well.
You then give that machine to someone, they use it, and it breaks. Who would that someone go to first? You, the person that created the machine?
Or the friend that studied it?
Well, the friend might know some stuff.. but who has more knowledge, here?
So, why not? Why not go to God?
I realize this is a super touchy subject and I'm not condemning anyone who goes to the doctor in anyway, I'm just trying to provoke thought.
As for my own opinion, well maybe I'll save it until after I gather yours.

I think I'll end here. I want to write in my Star Wars book.. I mean, if I want to be a serious, growed-up writer, I gotta write and attempt to get published, gotten't I? Yep. Cyaz.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Antique Lace

I had something important to talk about.. but I forgot what it was. 

I went shopping today, and bought organic stuff. Yeah, like to eat healthy and stuff. You know what I bought? Organic pop-tarttsss.. organic cinnamon toast crunch... organic french fries.... WHAT? Don't judge me--you don't know!

I also got a coffee. It was called "Antique Lace" and it sounded so devastatingly romantic that I had to try it, it was made with Canadian cream (not regular, Canadian. And since Canadians got their bacon right, I figure their cream's probably to die for) and white chocolate. Doesn't that sound delicious? In the literal and non-literal sense.
You just imagine yourself with one of those people that makes your heart race and everything in your life fall into place, swimming around in antique lace with Canadian cream and white chocolate and you figure maybe it's a cup of happiness just waiting to dance on your taste buds! And the next thing you know, you're passing up the Kahlua Mocha Mousse to try this bit of joy out on your eager palate!!
Only to be bitterly disappointed.
To tell you the truth, it's nuthin' special.
It tastes like coffee. I mean, who drinks coffee that tastes like coffee?? Not me, I'm a coffee-flavored sugar drink type person. Not a sugar-flavored coffee drink person. Those people--I'll never have them figured out.

So, this summer job I got, I'll be handling CASH. And I'll be a CASHIER (but it's not bagging groceries, don't even go there). So I had to take a cash handling class. You wouldn't think there was much to handling cash but there is o_O.
After the class (which I got 100% on and they LOVED how I filled out the info on the check, btw *smug*), I came home and then went to Walmart because I wanted dinner and mom and dad were supposed to be going to Bible study so it was like, "well, sheesh, it's just me and Jake and Pete? I'm just going to go buy myself a crumb to eat then."
Mom and dad ended up ditching Bible study and I came home with a tiny little bag of Newman's Own Chicken Florentine. I put it on the stove and mom said I had to cook dinner. I was like *goat face* (oh, I guess you guys don't know what that is, I'll have to post a picture).
Anyway, long story short, I ended up cooking dinner for myself, and they went out to a Mexican restaurant.
Doesn't that just make me seem like some sort of scum? Hey, they were supposed to be going to Bible study. Don't look at me like that. Mom did give me a guilt trip about how it was my night to cook and I was getting out of it. Great, now I feel guilty. I guess I'll cook tonight to make up for it.
So, anyway, after all that, I go to sleep. And I dream about handling cash. Tons of things go wrong in my dream. It was a nightmare. But the highlight is, I got to play around with a real live cash register, yes, it's the small things in life. I was excited. My friend, Laura, was not. She got a job with me and, let's just say, I was the more enthusiastic about the cash register of the two.

On the way home from Wal-mart yesterday, btw, I got a splendid view of the mountains and the valley/prairies that we live near, and to the West were sun-rays shining through these gray and golden clouds, and to the North were these delicious rain clouds. All over you could see the rain coming down in the distance. To the Eastish South, there were blue skies and light clouds. It was all the greatness of weather mixed into one of the best panoramic experiences in the world!
I LOVE this place, sooo much. I think out of all the things I talk about on my blog, I talk about how much I love this place the most. Because it's true. I could not imagine ever leaving it-- well, yes I can.. if it got stripped down and turned into something horrible, like El Cajon, then I'd probably abandon it for Canada. But until then, I'll continue loving it!
I always say, if you want to persuade me to leave, do it in January. January is horribly unromatic. But once you get to March, I'm a goner. And it's downhill from there. April is beautiful but, oh. my. word. May is the most marvelous, magnificent miracle of them all! The lilacs come out! And everything's green and blue and red and purple and yellow and amazuzing!
Why did I say it that way, I hate that way.. but I did it anyway. No, it won't do. "AMAZING". Ok, I feel better.

You know what we need up here? An all organic coffee shop. Give me that in kiosk/drive-thru form and I'm sold. DO ET.

Ok, here's the goat face for you all.
Yes, I know it's a ram. Shut up!
THOUGH. I've found an actual goat face that cracks me up:
It works the opposite way, if they smell realllly bad. Omw, that picture makes me laugh.
By the by, I got called "abrasive" the other day, by a good friend and he didn't mean it as an insult. And I was actually almost a little pleased! What is wrong with me? Of course my co-worker shot me down and said that he was the more abrasive one out of the two. Pff, just rain on my parade. I guess I'm not really abrasive unless I'm being sarcastic. Because when I'm just talking to people I turn into this sort of softy-squishy-smiley-nice-do-gooder. Do you know how much that hurts my reputation as a cold-hearted-abrasive-meanie? Sigh.
Ok, ok, I don't really have that sort or reputation. Reputations are funny that way, they're usually wrong. Character, however, is what you want to look at. Character is what you are. Reputation is usually the wrong idea people get about you :p Sometimes a reputation can be spot on, who knows, but I don't like trusting reputations. Ok, I'm leaving.

Monday, April 1, 2013



I got a job.
Well--I have a job, I got a second job--a summer job! So that I can afford to go to April's wedding.
See? This is what happens when you leave Facebook!
Today is April Fool's day so I signed onto Facebook to have a good laugh. To be honest, it's kind of lame, and really negative on there.. and boring. Run, people, run!
Though it IS good to see all my friends on there that I don't normally talk to and I miss them so much that I'm almost tempted to stay but I know I won't.
Facebook in and of itself does not appeal to me anymore and I really like life without it.

Anyway, enough preaching about Facebook. What I really came on here to say, is, Mitsubishi!
Yes, Mitsubishi. A friend of my mom's gave us her old crumb Mitsubishi Mirage. It is a 5 speed. I knew how to drive a 5 speed once... I wasn't super duper good at it..
I made my dad relearn me how to drive and ---omw... I love it. I don't ever want to drive an automatic again!
Sadly.. because I loved my car so, it's such a shiny maroonish red and it's a Grand AM which some of you might laugh at but I like it a lot. I've had it for over 5 years now and we've pretty much bonded for life. How could I even imagine getting rid of it?
However...I had to take it in to be repaired... So taking the weekend that it was being repaired and add on the week before in which I didn't drive it because it was broke, I went about a week and a half without driving and automatic and took every opportunity I possibly could to drive the Mitsubishi. I've become addicted. It's soo fun to drive a 5 speed, I can't even tell you how much.
Today, happy day, I picked up my car from the shop. $112's ok, it's not as bad as I thought it was going to be. I was so elated to have it back that I hopped in and turned it on and put my left foot to the clutch position and felt my heart's not a 5 speed!
T.T (boohooerisms)

I'm having horrible cheater thoughts about selling my car and getting a good 5 speed. But I have some concerns: Right now my car is in good condition and it's pretty reliable. It gets pretty good gas mileage, too.. well on the freeway anyway. Plus I've always liked it, a lot. It would probably make me sad to sell it.
Kelley Blue Book marks it at a niice price that could get me a pretty decent car. (You should know my family always buys used cars from private sellers -- mostly -- that's how we roll.)
And 5 speeds are just sooooo fun to drive!
So should I be smart and keep a good car because there's nothing wrong with it and it has low miles?
Or should I sell it now that it's worth sumthin' and get a 5 speed with better gas mileage?
I've been considering getting a smallish SUV for a while so it wouldn't be a horribly hasty decision, but we'll just have to see, shall we?

Either way, I'm excited to start my new job. I know it'll be nothing like working for the family, and I'm prepared for that, prepared to be unprepared :p
You don't get to know what it is because I'm pretty sure you could pinpoint my exact location by knowing and you KNOW I like to keep you in the dark (besides half of you already know where I live and where the job is anyway).
There was something else... I wanted to say... but I just don't remember. Oh well! Too bad.
I'm going now, and that's that!

Sunday, February 24, 2013


Hello Jim!
So today marks the 21st day of my Facebookless existence!
I thought I might re-cap the past 3 weeks.
Since I've left Facebook, I...

  • Went to Walmart more times than I care to remember
  • Went out to dinner with a friend
  • Celebrated Valentine's Day on my own
  • Went to see a movie on my own
  • Saw a zombie movie
  • Kept the kitchen clean (mostly)
  • Checked my email and blog posts more times than I care to recall
  • Bought a sweater on a whim (something I never do)
  • Went to the mall on a whim
  • Went skating, twice
  • Baked
  • Cooked dinner
  • Ran
  • Wrote, only a tiny bit, so that hasn't changed much..
  • Applied for a summer job
  • Got a new phone and phone "plan" (if you can call Straight Talk a plan)
  • Filled up my gas tank more times in 3 weeks than I do in, probably, 2 - 3 months
  • Posted more blog posts this month than I have in November, December and January combined
  • Curled my hair--twice!
  • Started buying organic groceries--again
  • Started a painting (and have yet to finish it.) 
  • Learned a new piano song and play piano more often
And that's about all I can remember for now.
What can we take away from this?
  • Leaving Facebook is more expensive
  • I have more human interaction
  • I'm more apt to leave the house
  • When time is freed up, you can quickly fill it up
  • Sadly, I've only listened to 1 Bible study. 
  • I'm more apt to be ambitious when away from Facebook
  • It seems like I'm always busy o_O

So there you have it.
All in all, I think I like this life away from Facebook, but I do miss talking to my friends on there. I've thought about joining Twitter or Tumblr or another social site but decided to stay away from those because they're just about the same as Facebook.
But, yeah, I went line dancing last night. It was so country, everyone was wearing plaid (including myself) and I actually liked it. A lot. So help me T.T
But, <_<
They do swing dancing there, to! Phphphph! I may be incredibly tempted to go. Though I have no partner. I've got a million brothers to dance with but it's sometimes awkward to dance with your brother--for ME anyway. Bradley said to mom that dancing with his sister hurt his chances with the ladies because they didn't know I was his sister XD
That's Bradley for you.
Anyway, I want to swing dance, it sounds so fun.
One of the guys at line dancing didn't want to dance with me so I came home and was ranting to Jacob and Jeff, "there must be something wrong with me.. he didn't want to dance."
Jacob said, "that's because guys are afraid of beautiful women."
I looked at Jeff and he nodded. I raised my eyebrows and said, "they are?"
And Jeff said, "there really IS something wrong with you!" (if you don't know that.)
It was funny, and I was actually surprised Jacob called me beautiful--in a roundabout way.
Either way, after trying the dance out with Brad (who felt sorry for me and danced anyway), I realized that was an awkward dance and I'd rather try it out with a boyfriend or a best friend XD
You should have been there.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

24 oz. Granita? Yes Please.

So, the first thing you need to know, is, after typing in the awesome title above, I was so excited about its awesomeness that I published it without writing anything.
No, I didn't do that on PURPOSE. But it's funny.

So anyway, I was in my pajamas all day yesterday. And when I say all day, I mean until 6 o'clock when I threw on some running shorts to walk on the tread. (Hey, it's me.. I'm not about to run in pajamas, no matter how lazy I'm feeling.)
Friday I spent all day cleaning so it only made sense that I'd be pajama lady yesterday. Today, however, I'm attempting to be ambitious. So I sat on the phone, on hold, for a while waiting to talk to a StraightTalk representative while playing Bloon Tower Defense 4.
That relationship didn't last long, I got fed up, hung up, and went down stairs and made some chicken and rice, scarfed it down, came back up to my computer and stared at the screen trying to convince myself to write something awesome.

So I have a fairytale book, right? I told you about it, you just don't remember.
Well, I went and read what I had and--omw, I continue to surprise myself. I couldn't stop reading it! I sat through the whole thing and when I was done I was like "I want morrreee T.T"
I only hope there are other readers out there that are entertained the way I am. Because, if there are, I'm sooo in the right business. Because my books entertain me so they should entertain them, you know what I'm getting at eh? eh? So I was trying to write in that book but nothing came to me. So I went back to my Star Wars book. Nothing still.
So I took this opportunity to remember that I have 13 dollars in my checking account to last me until Friday and I ought to spend it responsibly.
And by responsibly I mean on a 24 oz. chocolate granita, 2 shots, a splash of coconut with whipped cream.
Hey. It was just $4.77. Don't judge. Woooo! Now I'm all hyped! So I get my giant coffee (and I usually get a 16 oz. 1 shot drink. So this is, like, crazy.) and I drive home in my dad's crazy giant truck that we use to take garbage to the dump. And I get in the door and toss off my crocs and walk up the stairs (determined to write) holding my coffee extended in my left hand (imagine the hail hitler move but with a 24 oz in your hand) with my head down like I'm triumphant about something. I walk up the stairs like that then enter my room and sit down and write.
I can't believe it, but, the drink is gone. I don't know how long I've been sitting here, but it's gone--Gone! It's all gone! MMM... it was so silky smooth and delicious. Omw.
But the good news is, I finished that darn scene!
And by finish, I mean there's a lot of directing, like "then this happened and this and this." But at least it's written down.. Shut up.

So then, a fond memory sprouted in my brain.
We had some awesome neighbors growing up. One of them was Sherri. (Sherry? Cheri. CHERRY! No, stay focused.)
Ok, so this is a hilarious story. Me and my older sisters (old old old older sisters) were home alone and the toilet got clogged and was flooding all over the floor. XD
Rachelle was like, "Go get Sherri!"
So I run to the house next door as if it's a horrible emergency and knock on the door and say, "our toilet is overflowing!!!"
She, like the superhero neighbor that she is, put on her superhero suit and ran next door and instructed us on how to clean it up. Thanks to her, the day was saved.
She probably gets the awesomest neighbor award from me.
I remember she had a baby toward the end, before they moved, and I was at the young age where anyone who is adult seems ancient and they're not supposed to have babies. Adults who have babies are supposed to just have them already. Anyone without babies were supposed to remain that way. I just didn't get it. My cousin's bff had an older brother, he was like 20 or something. And I remember thinking that was so weird. Because kids didn't have adult brothers. My sisters were within 6 years of me so I grew up with kids for siblings. Not adults. What was this world coming to?
I think it's funny that I thought that way.
Anyway, gonna go. Just a short little laffo post for you guys to enjoy.
(and notice that each part starts with SO. I didn't even do that on purpose.)

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day

Today is the day of all days. Ok, not really. But it's that controversial day that half the world dreads and the other half hypes up just because they can.
Half the world ignores it. The other half go about showering their significant others in flowers, chocolates, cards, happiness. Ok, not true again. There are those who can appreciate it without going overboard. Like me!
Despite my cynical comments about the holiday the past week or two, I actually enjoyed it!

Pre-Valentine's day included my throwing together some goodies. I put it off til the last minute (so not my style).
I HAD to send my niece and nephew something. I bought some Hershey's chocolate hearts but it was so lame to just send candies. So I glued them onto cards. For Sky I put the hearts in the shape of a flower and drew flowery stuff around it.
For Leaves I used the pointy part of the hearts as spikes on a stegosaurus (he loooves dinosaurs) and drew palm trees and a nerdy little mini dino and stuff.
Quite honestly, they turned out rather well for being hastily put together. I was rather proud of them! A Valentine's Day card they can take apart and eat! :D
I also *had* to send April something. Even though I swore her off as a hopeless non-single... I saw some socks at Walmart.. (We have a thing about socks, they've been constant in our friendship) and they were soooo soft.. I just had to buy them for her.
I also sent her some chocolate hearts and homemade hot coco mix (remember, I was raving about it in the other post).
Then, when I was complaining somewhere, on Facebook or something, my oldest, single, old maid sister, said that I had her for Valentine's Day! So I thought I might send my fellow spinster sister some chocolate hearts and coco (sorry, Bethany, you didn't get socks...)
So I had to throw those together and in a box and toss them at my coworker to mail for me.
I almost thought of sending Rachelle something but she's got a husband, I have no pity for her. :p

Last night I made chocolate chocolate chip cookies. THREE kinds of chocolate chips. They are so good. And the peanut butter cookies with the chocolate hearts in them.
These were little prezzies for me brothers. The least I could do. And for my parents, too. And my coworkers! But I realized it's Thursday, and there's only one at the office today. So he got a plate of cookies all to himself. My brothers seemed to enjoy the cookies.. I know I did.. <_< More than I should have had..
My chocolate-loving brother got me a chocolate rose because he says that chocolate is better than flowers (lol!), which I thought was sweet! He does care!
April surprised me and sent me a Valentine's day gift (phew, glad I got her those socks). I opened that first thing in the morning and--gaspgaspgasp!! Ramin Karimloo's CD!!! <3 <3 <3
This CD was easily the soundtrack for my day. It was playing in the car and in my room all day long. (clicks replay on itunes).

So, keeping with the theme of doing things I don't do.. I decided to take myself to a movie. I think I've only seen a movie on my own once. And I certainly don't go do things on my own on Valentine's day.  I had a free movie ticket so I figured I might as well! I went to see a zombie movie. ANOTHER thing I never do. I hate zombie movies. HATE. And I certainly don't see them in theaters. But this was an exception. You may have heard of it. Warm Bodies. It intrigued me from the beginning. It's about a cute little zombie guy (who narrates the movie) who see's a pretty girl and his heart starts beating again and basically love cures the zombies. So it didn't seem like a typical movie and, as I said, I was intrigued. And, surprisingly, I really liked it. I mean.. it WAS about zombies and it even had some gross zombie-eating-human-brains parts in it. But the other stuff was funny and even endearing. I can't believe I'm actually talking favorably about a zombie movie.. what HAVE I come to?? Did I mention that this date was absolutely free? Score!

When I was sitting in the theater, waiting for the movie to start, I looked around and HALF of the people had phones in their hands and they were staring down at them, hunched over, like they're their life sources.
I shake my head at them. I'm such a smart phone hater right now. People just walk around staring at their phones all the time and I can't stand it! Live a little people!
The ironic part is that in the zombie movie R (the main zombie) imagines life before zombies and how it must have been way more interesting, people connecting and interacting and it cuts to a scene where the people are walking around staring at their phones. PERFECT! I loved that part. It reflects the fact that half the world is zombified by technology.
The other ironic part is, I actually just got a smart phone. It's a Droid but it was just 20 dollars because it was re-purposed. So I figured, "whatev. Just get it." I like to have a map or access to the internet in case of emergencies. I don't intend on using it too often, trust me. With StraightTalk, you get "unlimited" data (which means basically 2gb) so I just shrugged and went for it.
I also dropped off some cookies at Laura's and she gave me a little glittered jar full of chocolates and two lollipops!
When I got home I charged by phone, talked to April for a tad and then did another strange thing, I went to Walmart. I just randomly do this, all the time! I know, I know, it's freaking me out! This life without Facebook.. it's active and interesting.. and not boring! I bought things like free-range chicken and wild and brown rice and organic carrots.
I'm trying to be all healthy and stuff. Or something. I'll let you know how that works out.
Oh yeah, I hurt my toe/foot, so I'm avoiding the tread. Sad day. But I'll get back on! This can't keep me down!!

Then I got home and cooked spaghetti and went to work. I came back and made hot coco and talked to my friend, Laura, and convinced her to apply for a summer job with me. And then me brother, Fergus, walked in and gave me FLOWERS!
Awwwww, it was so sweet. It's good to know that, after weeks of hinting, my brothers didn't ignore their poor, single sister completely.
So, overall, I had a really good Valentine's Day! No sulking spent at all! And, to top it all off, after I get sick of writing I'm going to watch a delicious romance, like Sense and Sensibility or Young Victoria or The Perfect Man. Or all three!
So, happy Valentine's Day everyone!
(and go buy or listen to Ramin Karimloo's CD. I posted his Constant Angel son a few days ago, now you have to go listen to the rest of them, right now. DO IT NOW!)

Monday, February 11, 2013

Ella fellas

Ella fellas.

So, it's been over a week without Facebook and I feel I've passed the point of no reeeturrrnnn.
Every time I think about going back I'm like, "BLEH!" Just all the time I was on there. It's so sad. I don't know if I can go back. Now that I'm away from it, I mean. If I were ever to try to visit I just might be tempted to stay! It happens, you know it does! Facebook is like a potato chip, you can't have just one! Better not to buy them at all.

By the way, I went to Walmart last night. I was cooking dinner (Lasagna soup... so good.) and we didn't have the cheese for it. So, sadly, I went to Walmart. And the only reason I went dressed as I was was because it was Walmart. My sister.. she will be sooo embarrassed of me after reading this. I was wearing yoga capris, and an old, old, old shirt, and a sweatshirt (it gets better) ANDDDD fuzzy pink and white socks with green heels ANDDDDD crocs.
Yes. Yes, soak in the Walmart smell.
The whole time I was walking through I was thinking, "I can't believe I came here dressed like this.."
See what I've come to? I've been doing the strangest things! I wonder what I'll do tomorrow o_O.

Oh, you know what I have to do now? On Facebook I'd post picture upon picture that I thought was hilarious. Now, when I find something funny, I run to my brother's room, laughing like a nerd, and say, "Nick, c'mere, c'mere!" and he comes and then I show him and usually he laughs.
So much more satisfying seeing someone's reaction rather than "Like".
This actually just happened because I went to Pinterest to find the lasagna soup recipe. I saw this picture and had to show it to Nick. It's hilarious XD
My cousin sent me homemade marshmallows a few weeks ago. And they are SO good. AMAZING. You know what they're good in? Hot chocolate. You know a good hot chocolate?
I don't know if I will ever buy hot coco mix again because this stuff is awesome. It's so delicious. Tastes more real and is suuuper creamy.
Anyway, this was just a quick post mostly to highlight my horrible Warlmart garb and talk about how life's so much better without Facebook. Though I miss you all! Maybe I'll call some of yuz!

OMIGAWSHNESS! I almost forgot! The REAL reason behind this blog post as, of course, to tell you I've been super busy watching Wives and Daughters over the weekend. OMW. That movie makes me actually cry. I just. It's just. Sigh.
Anyway. That took up my weekend. Time well-spent, I think.
And I wanted to give you all this picture, I snapped it myself!
Love love love, darlings, don't be strangers now!

Saturday, February 9, 2013


So, one of the most embarrassing things happened to me yesterday. It involved my mom telling the cute teller at our bank that she wanted him to marry her daughter and then they proceeded to talk about me and, well, I'd actually rather not talk about the embarrassing night that followed after he asked if I liked skating and she told him she'd have to send me skating since he was going to be there.
Yeah. It was uneventful, really, and that's all that the world wide web needs to know about it.

So this morning I woke up feeling rather dismal. I turned on my iPod and listened to the Mahna Mahna song and "Little Arrows" and the Trololo song. (These are staple songs and if you haven't heard any of them, go away.)
Finally, I decided to stop sulking about my humiliation and decide to become awesome. So this is what awesome looks like:

It should also be said that I'm wearing black workout clothes (as usual), a purple shirt and the awesome hoodie I posted about the other day. So, what does Andrea do when she's had a bad night? Wake up and clothe herself in Purrrrple. I feel better now. Purple is a comforting thing to me. It's soft and constant and gentle. But can sometimes be crazy and fun.
Anyway, I had a thought, remember I was talking about the hoodie I wanted and how I love this place so much. I DO, I love this state, this area of the world. And then if you take that and times it by, like, a million kajilion, you'd get how it feels to come home to Heaven. See, that gives me the chills right there. I mean, I LOVE where I live. But, omw, thinking that Heaven is so much better, it becomes unfathomable and I get so excited thinking about it. That's a good thought, ain't it? At least if I'm going to be embarrassed I can console myself with thoughts that my night of humiliation is a tiny little happening in the scheme of things. And, yet, my Father cares ever so! Now that's another happy thought.

Enough of the happy thoughts, though. Andrea, who cares about your lonely soul, we strive towards a larger goal, our little lives don't count at all!
The larger goal being, WRITINGGGG!
After I made my bed and dressed in awesome argyle socks, I decided (as I mentioned before), to be awesome. So I'm channeling my awesome characters today, which gives me a lot of inspiration to write.
After that I'm going to do some Valentine's Day junk. Sorry, happy things Valentine's Day happy happy heart heart yay. Blah.
Let's abolish Valentine's Day--GASP, did I just say that? Wow, I never really hated this day before. Right now it just annoys me. Well, it's always annoyed me, all the stupid pressure the world puts on guys to get it right and be wonderful and all that jazz. Just let everyone be themselves. And lower your expectations, really. It's just a celebration of love. Stop making it into a freak show.
Do I sound cynical at all? Maybe we should go back to the happy thoughts:
I was hungry last night.. at 10 at night. So I just randomly drove to Walmart. I bought a mini pizza, a bag of pasta and some grape juice. And then left.
I ate the pizza last night and the pasta I just ate for lunch. And the grape juice, mm, grape juice. RED grape juice.
One song that DID cheer me up this morning was none other than Cotton Eye Joe.
Especially when paired with this awesome movie.
Keep it real.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Something Extraordinary Happened Today!

Day 5 of my freedom.

As the title says, something extraordinary happened. I'm actually still quite shocked.
I did something spontaneous! Shut up. If you knew me, you'd know why this is amazing.
My friend called me (like, one of the only ones I live around) and asked me if I wanted to go on an impromptu trip to Walmart to buy her cat some cat food because the two Walmarts closest to us didn't have the particular brand her snobbish cat likes.
O_O and I said ok.
Really. This should be your reaction:
Alright, I'll explain. I don't go places with only a moment's notice. UNLESS, I'm already dressed to go out and look presentable. CONTRARY to popular belief, I don't ALWAYS look fabulous. Ok, I never look fabulous. But half the time I look like an old crumb that lives in her workout clothes.
So you'd better give me notice--I'm talking at LEAST two or three hours to a day's notice. A week's notice is best. Yes, yes, I know.
Anyway. Today was such a day, wearing workout clothes, completely not looking good (my face totally broke out even!) and she calls and wants to go to Walmart. Not for any GOOD reason--to buy her cat food! AND I SAID OK!!
Again. See "Rage face" for my mental reaction to this.
My friend was shocked. And, frankly, so was I. We went to Walmart, Dutch Bro's and--brace yourselves--I agreed to go to the mall and...fftftfttttt--just walk around!!!!
This is completely unlike me. So not Andreaish behavior. I don't know what's happening to me!
Then, the day didn't even end there, I persuaded her to come over to my house for dinner! And she did! And we watched a movie even! This was a completely UNPLANNED dinner invitation and a movie night on top of that?? Really, it would make the old Andrea cry. But something happened to me that has caused me not to care! I spent just about 8 hours with my friend and it was a great time!

Not only that. But I fell in love with this hoodie. SO MUCH SO, that I'm going back to that Walmart TOMORROW to get it (tomorrow's payday of course).

No, you don't get to know what state I live in. Get outta here! But I do love my home state SO much that I want this hoodie. And that shirt, too. Which is another funny thing. I don't like state shirts. I never have. It was only when I fell in love with this place that I realized why people bought and wore them. Anyway, I love it and I'm buying it tomorrow.

So now you have an update. I think it's safe to say you can expect this strange Andrea to stick around. I like being Facebookless! Of course it's hard at times, I want to know what everyone's up to. But it's given me a new sense of freedom I've not felt since 2010, when I first signed up. Yep. I like it. That's it for now!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Day 3 of my freedom.

I'm going to have to ban myself from Youtube, next. I'm constantly listening to songs from Les Miserables and Love Never Dies on there, and Ramin Karimloo's CD.
So, hopefully, next pay day I can buy a few CD's, then I won't have reason to get on Youtube so much.
But, the good news, I've been writing a bit!
And working more. Life is so simple without Facebook, I'm not late to work because of it and I'm not late to bed because of it!
As I pass my computer I think, "internet, what can I check?" ... "nothing." Then walk past to go find something else to do.
Ramin Karimloo, by the way, is an amazing opera singer as well as a, I don't know what you call it, a regular singer? Either way, he plays the Phantom, he's played Enjolras, Marius, Jean Valjean, many other roles. He's got a certain sound in his voice that I just love! Very unique.
So, yeah, listening to him lately.
Here, you listen. NOW.

I also cook meals, too. Which, this used to be a normal thing, but when I got sick it wasn't. And now I am. So, yeah, getting back into that. Goodness, my brain is all bleh right now. I had tons of things I was thinking to say and now that I have the chance to say it I don't remember them!! T_T Sad face.
OMIGISH, so Valentine's day is coming up (as I stated in my last post) and I'm going to make these cute little cookies I saw on Pinterest! They're peanutbutter and you get dove heart chocolates and put them in the middle (rather than hershey's kisses). MMMMM!! Can't wait. Not sure what else I'm going to do. Probably watch Sense and Sensibility alllll by myself.
And maybe send my single sister a little secret present--MAYBE!! DON'T TELL HER I SAID I MIGHT!!!!!
She can't know.
Oh, and my niece and nephews, they gotta cash in on my generosity.
On Friday I went shopping and bought selfish things like pants and a cami and lip stain and a candle. I know.. I know! I feel so guilty.
Oh yes, and tomorrow's Wednesday, which is my favorite day in the week, because it means we're almost to Friday. Friday's me day off, you see. And pay day!

So let's talk about something serious for a minute.
I've got nothing.
It was a nice try though!
No, I don't feel like talking about my serious things. Totally puts a damper in my mood. Which I don't know what it is right now. A tired just-cooked-a-bunch-of-pork-chops mood. OOOH! That's what I'm cooking! Pork chops and oven potatoes and carrots (Rachellle, carrrots) and peasant bread!!!!
WHAT is peasant bread you ask?? It's the most delicious, simplest, yummy bread. Takes a little less than 2 hours to make and tastes like a cross between French bread and bread made in a bread machine. All this use of the word "bread" makes me want to EAT bread. Good thing I've got some cooking!!
THIS is the deliciousness. Make it, try it, eat it, repeat.
What was the last thing you baked? I want to know. Since I can't question people on Facebook you'll have to put up with me questioning people on here. 

I leave you feeling jealous over my supper. :p


I found more things to say!
And since this had no views yet, I figured I'd say 'em!
Firstly. I don't think I'll ever go to Youtube again if THIS is what I see:
CREEPIEST AD EVVVARRR!! OMW, I saw that and my eyes bulged and I was like "what the heeccckkkk??"
But then it was made better by THIS.. you just have to watch the first part, where Sierra sings and then the four "Phantoms" sing.
This was my reaction as I heard each Phantom sing in turn..
#1: Hmm, he's pretty good!
#2: Aww, John is such a cute little singer..
#3: Ew, I do NOT like that Phantom at all...
#4 (Ramin): DING DING DING! We have a winner! Best Phantom ever. Really, truly, Ramin is gifted. He practically IS the angel of music. For cereal. I mean reals. And he and Sierra have such great chemistry, they're the perfect Christine and Phantom. Yep yep yep.
Is that really all I had to say? seemed like there was a lot more--omw, I had a crazy dream last night where I was actually a guy and I was trying to break my wife out of a hospital because they were keeping her sick on purpose. (I think I was Finnick from Hunger Games, actually). And this lady who resembled Madam Giry from Phantom of the Opera was trying to catch up to me so I was switching elevators and going to different levels trying to lose her. It was freaky. If you've ever been silently chased by a menacing Giry you'd know what I mean.