Thursday, May 16, 2013

Car Wash

You might not have guessed it about me, but one of my favorite things to do is wash my car.
When the weather is good, I wash it every 2 to 4 weeks. I don't know why, it doesn't seem like work to me! I like to take care of it and making it clean and shiny brings me joy. I washed my car today and found the dreaded paint bubbles from hell. I was like "oh no!!" That means the paint might start peeling! My poor little Red! I was considering getting it a new paint job but who knows how much that costs!

You'll be proud to hear that I've been writing. I'm up to chapter 16 in my Star Wars book. April's been keeping me on that, since I read to her what I write. I like to have something for her every day or so and that keeps me going at it. I've had a bad case of writer's block the past few days because I hit a part in the story where I really didn't know what to do. A brisk walkish run cured that.
Which, by the way, I haven't been doing much of--for shame. I hurt my ankle during my 12K I did a couple weeks ago and it hasn't been the same since. Of course I'm trusting in God for healing but I haven't been out and about on the road because of it. My second cousin once removed is a physical therapist so I might send my ankle on over to him to see what he can do--that's fun, isn't it? That I know my second cousin once removed. I know my third cousins, too. Do you know your third cousins? I bet you don't!

So I need to workout more so I can be svelte for April's wedding which is, crazily, in just three months. THREE MONTHS! OMW. Wait, wait. Wait. WAIT!!! No, stop, STAHP.
Three months... wow... I guess I need to buy my plane ticket or I ain't gonna be going o_O
I'm in charge of the Bridal Shower, which I'm psyched about. And I'm also scheming about the bachelorette party with her two younger sisters. Oooh we're going to have lots of fun.
I was on Etsy tonight, looking for wedding gifts to toss at them. Some of them were cute! Like little Mr. and Mrs. cups and such. I got all caught up in the cuteness when a sudden panic ensued.
April, my friend, my bff. Stolen away by some-some...hairy old beasty MAN!
*evoke horror-stricken face*
Our ten-year friendship flashed before my eyes and I suddenly felt at a loss. You know that feeling you got as a kid when you were in a public place and you turn around and your parents aren't there and you're like, "oh crud, I'm lost! MOM! DAD!?!?!" and you freak out, thinking they've gone and you decide to go find a corner somewhere and cry because you don't like standing in the store or out on a sidewalk because you feel LOST and EXPOSED and your throat suddenly decides to swell up and burn and you can't breath and your heart is racing and you feel like exploding!!!!
Yeah, pretty much that feeling times five or maybe seven. Ok, maybe three, I don't know, being a panicked child is no walk in the park.
But the point is, I panicked. My heartbeat raised and I was freaking out in my head.
I mean, all life basically ends once you get married. Everyone says life starts at marriage--but you know who says that? MARRIED PEOPLE.
They belong to this secret club of married people that promise each other to never tell the single people that, really, marriage means death. They do this so they can call more people to their club so they can have more people to commiserate with!

Yeah, I don't have a very happy pov on marriage at the moment. But if you want to know, no, I don't think it's all that bad--God created it after all--but when it comes to my own BFF running off and getting married to some undeserving, stinky, smelly, hairy, nasty guy? NO!
So what if he's not really all of those <_< he might as well be! (Sorry Matt). I really don't think any guy could really, TRULY deserve her.
Anyways. I feel very much like Anne when she finds out Dianna is going to be married. Only I don't know any Gilberts. My childhood guy already broke my heart :p
I can just imagine all the married people shaking their heads and thinking, "she just doesn't understand!"
>=) Don't I?
>=) Do tell me how I don't understand.
>=) >=)

At the very least, you all should be mildly entertained.
By the by, I changed a lightbulb today.
You want to know some other happy news? In two days (the 18th), April and I will celebrate the day that we first met! I know, I post about it about every year. We WERE supposed to go to Disney world.... And then we WERE supposed to visit each other, two weeks there, two weeks here......BUT SOMEBODY HAD TO GO AND GET MARRIEEDDDDD.
Oh yes, I went there.
Ok, I need to go write more and stop venting about myself and me and mine and my own and self self self self!
By the case you're worried, I'm very supportive of April marrying I'm going to be the BEST, most AWESOME maid of honor in the WORLD. And I'm going to be very happy for her! Because when I'm not whining about it, I myself wouldn't mind marrying SOMEone. Well...he'd have to be pretty much amazing.. which is why I'll probably end up an old spinster.
But I thought I'd share my moment of panic with you. The fact of the matter is, marriage changes everyone's lives, not just the bride and the groom. And it's just a lesson of coming of age when your friend from teenagerdom grows up enough to be someone's wife. Yuck. Who wants a husband anyway, they're stinky and smelly and hairy and--ok ok I'm going! I have five brothers, what do you expect? I know how gross they are! :p
(Just kidding guys, I love you. And you smell like roses.)