Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Horsh Radish Shaush

Well, I went for a fun run called the Color Vibe.
You run three miles and get pasted with powdery paint. At the end of it.. there are volunteers walking around with BUCKETS full of this paint. Everyone is grabbing handfuls and throwing them everywhere. It's like Tomatina but more colorful and not as juicy.
It. was. a. blast!

So, the day before I had to go, like, an hour way, way up in this crazy town, to get my bib and these awesome glasses. I went with my brother's GF, Jacque.
We had a hilarious time.
There was a street called Wellesley. I thought it was Wellsley, it makes more sense than Wellesley.
Then, from that, I created a new word. Well, the word, wellesley, was already created. But I created a new meaning for a word.

Wellesley: Adv. A sentence of correction, or contradiction, that begins with the word 'well'.
i.e. "Well, actually...Tom's middle name is James.",  "Well, honestly, I prefer spaghetti to brussel sprouts" (Who doesn't?)
Also see: Wellest, welles.

Haha, so it needs work. But we were cracking up the entire time.
Then we went to get Chinese food and there was mustard there.. and I tasted it, and it was disgusting. It was like.. horseradish sauce and that blue glue you put on pvc piping. It was gross. But then, Jacque said Horseradish saush. And that started a whole new joke on Horsh Radish Shaush and how I imagined Miss Fieldmouse from Thumbelina saying it. And then that sparked a conversation about Horseradish sauce, and perhaps it's really a radish sauce for horses to dip radishes in. And then, even better, maybe it's a sauce for radishes to dip their horses in! O_o it.. was a crazy night.
Then we went on that run and it was the best fun ever. I look forward to that run every year now.

But. The importance of this blog is not over wellesness, or horseradish sauce, but of cinnamon rolls.
I made some the other day. And, well, I'm not a very good cinnamon roll baker.. so I was afraid to try again. But I was pleased when they came out perfect. How perfect? I took pictures.

Before they were finished (I think..)

But the real challenge was making the perfect icing.
Everyone in the world has their own version of icing that involves some kind of mixture of powder sugar with milk, butter, cream cheese and or vanilla. I hate them all. All of them, ya hear?? I despise them!!!
I was on a quest to find a delicious cinnamon roll icing that tasted similar to Pillsbury. Which is nearly impossible because they probably chock theirs full of nasty artificial flavors and such.
But I wasn't going to give up.
And I'm glad I didn't.
Because I succeeded.
What? You think I'm going to share it with you? PAH!!!
Ok, I will. But, you'll hate me for this, I didn't measure a darn thing.
It's powder sugar, butter, CREAM (NOT MILK, I'll slap you fool!), salt, a tiny bit (sadly) of vanilla and GAAASP, lemon. The lemon made this. You couldn't tell it was lemon. You could only tell that it was perfect.

Perfect consistency...

So good..


Just .. look at it .. (The hole in the center one was from my testing it, lol)

Makes 18 rolls.

They were gone by the end of the day.
These rolls got a "MMM." out of Jeffrey and then *GASP* a "this is good!"
I was beside myself. The approval of Jeff is up there with the judges from Chopped.
The rolls were actually made from my Aunt Clarice's basic bread recipe, so anyone that wants the recipe--TOO BAD! It's a family recipe and it STAYS in the family *fends people off, ravenously*.
But the icing, dude, the icing is where it's at.
Anyway, tata.

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