Sunday, July 31, 2011

"You should go speed dating."

One thing you'll quickly learn about me and my life is that my brothers constantly ask me where I'm going to meet my husband.
I think it bothers them that I've gone so long without a real relationship.
Anyways, tonight I was just sitting around the kitchen with the two oldest (at home) and the topic is brought up. Jeff (aka the Pompous Fool, by his own admission) decides that I need to get out more to meet guys. He was dreaming up a scheme that involved me in the theater and a guy tripping into my lap.
Of course I said he would have to say, "hey, get off of my sister." But he said he would probably put his hand to his mouth and giggle instead. Thanks, Jeff.
Nick then added to it saying that Jeff would be the one tripping the guy into my lap which is, sadly, more fitting to his character.

Jeff has this obsession with me and online dating, he continues to try to get me to sign up at eharmony and I don't think he understands.
I never used to be content with being single, but lately I feel I've been accepting the position with dignity (snark). No, really, I've accepted it and that's good. Godliness with contentment is great gain (1 Tim 6:6). What use is there in running around chasing guys? None whatsoever!
Do I wish to be married? For sure. But since that's not in my foreseeable future I've decided to focus my energy elsewhere.

Lately this includes preaching. I've been preaching only once before with a good friend of mine when he was visiting from out of town.
It wasn't open-air preaching (where you stand in one place and preach) it was walking up to people and talking to them about Jesus.
I admit it unnerved me a little bit and I felt out of place.
But, lately, I've felt a desire to preach the Word. It happened last week when I was at a lake for my brother's baptism, I looked about me and saw everyone enjoying themselves and I just wondered, "do they know? Do they know the truth? Or that the wages of sin is death?" The desire to preach was strong on my heart but I wasn't certain if I should go ahead and try it, since I've never just flat out started to preach in the middle of a park. So I went home and have been praying about it. The desire has not left and I feel that I've reached the point where I've found out what to do with my life at the moment: Preach the word; be instant in season, out of season; reprove, rebuke, exhort with all longsuffering and doctrine. (2 Tim 4:2)
Right now I'm studying to show myself approved and then will go preaching for the first time next Sunday.

So, instead of going out fishing for men to further my agenda of finding a husband, I will go out and be a fisher of men for the Kingdom of God (Matt 4:19). That's the kind of man-hunting I'm into right now.
As for that one special guy? He's out there, somewhere, it's only a matter of time before God brings him on in. One thing is for sure, when it happens there will be peace and it will be done decently and in order.


Welcome to my introductory post!

I am a stay at home sister and daughter.
What does this mean exactly? Well... do I really need to explain?
I have no outside job, I don't go to college and I don't pay rent. Best of all, I still live with my parents and half of my siblings.
I'm (so far) the oldest person to stay at home in my family and it's a record I keep with a vigor!
In my late teens I grew anxious about "starting life" when I hit my twenties I realized: This IS my life. I (usually) cook for my family since my mom and dad both work, I still do chores (yep!) and I also have to take care of my Grandma who has alzheimers. The boys (as there are only brothers living at home now, yes, I'm the last sister. Kind of like the last airbender, only I'm not bald) help with "Gma's" meals and my dad gets her up in the morning. My honorable task is seeing to her hygiene in the evening times which involves showering, diapering and tucking into bed. This, my dear friends, is the price one must pay when they get to live in such a wonderful situation of being able to paint, write, play instruments, study the Word of God and hang out with her lovely brothers 24/7!

I'm a firm believer in Jesus Christ, His sacrifice on the cross that enables us to be FREE FROM SIN. You heard me, free from it. We don't have to live in bondage to sin in this present world. (More on that later)
So that was important for you to understand if you're going to understand me and why I do what I do.
I believe that God has me here for a reason. I've tried getting outside jobs before. I would pray ahead of time and put in the applications, but to no avail. I believe this is God's doing.
Don't think me as one of those people stuck at home and giving God all the credit for my bad luck. I've recently realized I need to embrace this. And I have!
I've also done everything short of signing up for classes at college. I went there this past spring to take the compass (I got college-level reading, ooh yeah, but let's not talk about the math) and I realized I was standing in the midst of man's knowledge. I didn't like it.
While college does have its place, I didn't feel I was ready to subject myself to so much worldliness at one time. Besides that, I was just going for the sake of going. I've now decided I will not go unless I have a reason to go. Which I don't right now!

I wanted to document my paintings (which I will hopefully start to sell on soon) and then I realized I would like to share my preaching stories! And then, why not tell a few good Gma stories on the side? That's how this blog has morphed into The Stay at Home Sister. That's me! I stay at home, and this is what I do.
(cue dramatic exit)