Saturday, February 11, 2012

I've been quite busy. . .

I just realized, this blog was created, in part, as a way to deal with having to take care of my Grandma.
Now that Grandma's gone, I feel it's lost part of its meaning.
Don't worry, I'm not going to delete it or anything. I've just been BUUUSSSYYYYY!

But! Good news!
BFF and I finished our book! We decided to cut it in two. And got to the perfect part to end the first book.
How awesome is that? We are in the 7th chapter of the second book and are going to finish both before editing both.
Expect to see the first book hit the shelves 2014.

So I did something adultish last night. I signed up to host a Stampin' Up Party. (smug)
I also bought my first stamps EVER. I feel so grown up now. =)
I don't stamp often, but stamps last a long time and I imagine myself gathering together a nice, big collection to use when I'm round with child and at home, bored, while my husband works hard all day for his truly.
Or to get out when I've got a kid or three and they want to make some Valentines for their friends and cousins. =)

That's usually what I think of when I buy things like that, how they'll last long for future use.
I've also been considering buying a TV. But that'll have to wait. I'll save up.
I think I need to get a new computer, first. This one is dying. I dropped it and now the CD ROM doesn't work and it's pretty slow and sad. I've had it for a while, though, so it's okay.
And then my brother's trying to get me to buy a motorcycle. Not for a few years, probably.
I do wonder if my husband will know how to ride a motorcycle. I do hope so.
One thing I wish for are family trips to the desert--the next generation!
My mom and dad took us kids to the desert all the time! It was the best of times, to be sure. Definitely some of the best memories from my childhood. I can't wait for me and my husband to go out camping in the desert, ride some quads around (well, he can have a motorcycle if he likes, but I'd prefer a quad). SOOOO fun!!!!
I don't know if you'll understand my enthusiasm unless you've actually been to the desert. So, if not, then you can just rest easy knowing it's OKAY.

So anyways, this was just a quick post to let you know I am, indeed, still living.
I THOUGHT I did two blog posts in January, but I see I've only done one. T.T shame shame.
Sorry guys. I will try to be better about this! AGH!
On the up side, God has been blessing the business abundantly! Which accounts for the business.
Anyways, see ya!