Saturday, September 7, 2013

Just a Little Snack

Hello Trolley People!
I am at April´s house in ye olde East preparing for her wedding next week!
My how time flies!
My last entry was in May, right before work got hectic. And, let me tell you, work was very hectic. I was working a ton and when I wasn´t working I was either sleeping or eating.
Finally, I got off work with two days to pack and jetted over to April´s where we´ve been busy busy busy ever since! So you can see it´s basically been a non-stop summer!
I just can´t believe it´s coming to an end.

How about your summer? Did you enjoy it?
I did, for the most part, but am a little sad to see it go. However, there was a first in there! I bought myself a motorcycle! A duel sport (enduro), it´s sweet! I´ve taken it to and from work a few times (as I bought it in August with very little time at work left).
I have lot´s to blog about and will be getting back into blogging once this wedding finishes and I´m back in my beloved Northwest. See you around!