Thursday, December 29, 2011

Love is a Burning Flame

Can you guess that I'm listening to Johnny Cash?
I went down down down and the flames got higher-...what do you mean you don't know who Johnny Cash is?
I'm disappointed in you.
Go look him up on youtube right now. No, here, I'll make it easy on you.

Now watch that and then you have my permission to continue.
Sadly, it took the entire song to post that and now I'm listening to Johnny Horton's Battle of New Orleans- WHAT?? You haven't heard THAT? O.M.W.
Okay, well you're on your own with that one.

Anyways, how've you been? Eh? Yeah, I've turned Canadian since I've been gone. Oh! Deeds by Sanctus Real! Okay, okay! I'm going to stop broadcasting who I'm listening to. It's not my fault these songs don't last forever. I'm just listening to my own little "favorites" play list. So I guess, based on the past three songs I just listed, that gives you a little insight into my life of music. Yep. 
Speaking of the smug face. My brother bought me a MUG with the SMUG face on it. That one, right up there! It was an awesome Christmas present.
By the way, while I'm typing this I am wearing a light pink shirt with words on it. Do you know what the words say? If you were me you'd have said, "IDK, my BFF, Jill?" And you would have been RIGHT!

Anyways, so how was your Christmas? Mine was fine, it was a Christmasy Christmas full of Christmas relatives visiting (okay, my sisters). I have to admit, though, I'm a little glad that it's the end of -- OMW 'Gone' by Toby Mac!!! ehem. I'm a little glad it's the end of the holiday season. It's like I was all "oh yay! Thanksgiving and Christmas!" And then, well, I guess my Grandma passed away and that shook everything up. Then we got visitors twice in a month's time so it was like "WOAH! Downpour!" It was fun, for sure, and I do love seeing my siblings but now we can get back to normal life! It seems like it's been "go-go-go!" since June. Everyone was coming or going. Mom was constantly going places, having to go visit her Mom or whatnot. And then my sisters were visiting and we had Tina move in and JB visited and Grandma passed away. It was such a crazy year! But we got a nice little break in October but then it was back to the craziness. So that's why I say it's a little nice because we can all take a nice big breath and get into some sort of routine.

You know what's ironic? Mom used to make up routines for us. When I was growing up I hated the word! But now I need it! Aww, my Mom's birthday is coming up. I was just thinking tonight how sometimes I don't treat my mom as respectfully as she deserves. Sometimes I can be quite the brat. I was reflecting on that, tonight, how I'm in my mid-twenties and I can still act like a brat! Sometimes I want to slap myself. Well, I do, mentally. But, I mean, if I could watch myself in a moment of braterism and then just reach my hand through the screen of time and give myself a good slap and say, "your attitude stinks!" Then I, the slapper, would look smug while the slappee would look something akin to this:

Anyways, routine, yes. I like routine.
The past two months have been havoc! My sleeping habits have been out of whack and so have my chores and working habits!
But I shall overcome! I changed around my room to the arrangement of my liking. I usually move my bed far away from my window in the winter because it's warmer but with my new comforter I think I'll be fine closer to my window. This arrangement helps me with my imagination, I think I write better this way, I do, I really do.

By the way, you shall be proud of me, I have two paintings finished and one waiting--just DYING--to be finished.
Any day now and I'll list them on Etsy. Though I wonder if I should have a few more to offer. Meh, I don't know.
Anyways, the point is, I'm getting work on that!
Writing is another story... sigh... Ever sense the grandma stuff going on with me and BFF in November our book has been on hold. BFF needs a new computer but, until then, she's been scribbling little writings in another book she's writing JUST for me! <3 so happy.
I, as well, scribble down little tidbits of things for other books or our book. Just nothing major.
But! We shall endure this dry writing spell and come out with some juicy creativity that will pour onto the pages.
Well, it's not lack of creativity, it's lack of computer.
But, you'll be happy to hear, we have our first meeting of the year set up! We will read through the last few chapters of our book and decide where we want to go from there. So that makes me happy!

I have many other thoughts but this is about all you're getting out of me.
So, until then, TATAW.

Sunday, December 11, 2011


My new painting station!!

My awesome family made room in the dining room for my painting stuff, and even put in a little shelf and everything! I love them!
This is a painting I'm working on to sell on Etsy! What do you THINK?

Sunday, December 4, 2011


That's it! I can't take it anymore!!
I have to paint. I've just got to.
My mom said I could paint in the dining room but I didn't want to make it a huge mess from all my crazy paint-splattering ways. But desperation has driven me to throw out my good sense and set up my easel in the dining room. Lord help us all.
I've got a ton of canvas, I've got turpentine, I've got loads of paint. The only thing I've not got -- until now -- is a place to paint! AAAAAAAAAAAH! I think I'm going stir-crazy. No, paint-stir-crazy. I've been out of the house a lot (for me) and it's not even snowy out so it's not like I've got cabin fever. But there are so many paintings sitting inside of me scratching at my brain and fingers saying, "Andrea, PAINT US PAINT USSS!!!" That I've just gotta!!

Okay, I think now that I got that out of my system I can just take a deep breath and speak rationally.


Not working. Maybe I'll just go paint right now.
Wait, it's almost midnight. And tomorrow's Monday. I have to work tomorrow. But-But-But-GRRRR.
It's funny, I set up my easel and everything, with the intention of painting tomorrow, and then I go upstairs and what movie are my brothers and dad watching? The Christmas Cottage. Which is about what? Thomas Kinkade. As if I didn't have trouble enough calming this ravaging painting beast inside of me, I had to become incredibly enthralled in a painting movie? Blast!

But, it's okay, because I'm going to Bed Bath and Beyond tomorrow to buy a duvet.
Wait, what does that have to do with anything?
Moving on.
Is anyone else concerned here? Wait, no one else is here! AH!

Okay, no really, I'll be normal now.

You really believed me that time, didn't you.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

When I Talk on the Phone

This happens..

Wilson called while he was on the road heading towards BFF's little part of the country. We both have the same telephone carrier so we get free phone calls and I'm afraid texting would have been hazardous while he was driving. 
Either way, this was the result. M&M art!
I think it's funny how we sometimes do things unconsciously while preoccupied with a conversation. 
Ironically, the M&Ms were a birthday gift from said person, so it was fitting I organized them while conversing with him. 
It was funny to see my parents' cautiously optimistic looks when they saw me open my gift. I had to assure them that Wilson was just a friend (as with every other guy I know, the story of my life for now :p) but it's still kind of funny to see them a little hopeful. And also a little sad, poor folks, just can't wait to get rid of me. (okay, okay, not true.) 

However, Wilson does seem to be somewhat of a kindred spirit. Remember I mentioned me and BFF losing two close friends to the Dark Side of the Force a while ago and that the Lord restores and Wilson was part of that. It's good to have another friend to laugh with and tease as if we were nerdy 15 year olds again (and that was quite a while ago for all three of us). He's caught on to all our inside jokes and he laughs at mine and BFF's jokes often which recommends his outstanding sense of humor 
All in all, I'm thankful for a new friend like him. It reminds me of the good old days of camaraderie, but this time it's the right kind which has the deep roots of truth. I'm always glad to add another brother or sister in Christ to my little circle of friends. And am always thankful for the ones I already have. 

Do you have friends with whom you can just talk and laugh and share concerns with? Are they true friends? Treasure them and thank God for them. I remember bawling my eyes out when my other two friends deleted me maliciously just because I didn't agree with homosexuality (we haven't been friends since) and so that's why I think meeting this new friend really warms my heart. Not only he, but another friend I only just started talking to two years ago and have only met twice, we've become close friends in the limited time we've known each other. These are true friends who stand on the rock of Christ along with me and will always encourage me and build me up and will not condemn me for disagreeing with worldly ways. The same encouragement I get from my other more-mentioned friends. 
True friendship is golden, never take it for granted.